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Leeanne Locken ‘Done’ With RHOD? Exclusive

What Went Down Revealed!

Tonight on The Real Housewives of Dallas, fans will see Leeanne Locken get extremely upset when walking out of a happy hour event and having a confrontation with Tiffany Hendra. In fact, Locken gets so angry that she yells at the cameraman to stop filming her. So what happened to get Leeanne to that point? We spoke to a source close to her to find out.

Leeanne Locken RHOD Was ‘Done’ Exclusive

A friend of Locken’s told us that, “At this point in the season, Leeanne had honest had enough. She was being targeted consistently by the entire cast and had reached a breaking point.”

“Upon leaving that party,” the insider continued, “Leeanne had asked producers to stop filming her numerous times and even hinted that she might be done with the show in general, as she was so frustrated.”

“However,” the source added, “production did not listen to her requests. That, coupled with her fighting with Tiffany, had Leeanne reach a breaking point, which is what you see played out on tonight’s episode.”

Tell us- what do YOU think of why Leeanne lost it? Do you understand why she was pushed to her breaking point? Sound off in the comments below.

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