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Heather Marianna’s OFFICIAL Blog!- “Tour Group” Episode 3 (Exclusive)

Exclusive Blog!

We are VERY excited to have Tour Group star Heather Marianna sharing her exclusive blogs with us about the show each week. Here is her blog for episode three:

Heather Marianna Tour Group Episode 3 Exclusive Blog

I am very excited about the return of Tour Group and will be doing weekly blogs after each episode exclusively for Real Mr. Housewife. I will share my feelings and thoughts on each episode including all the inside dish and behind the scenes drama. And possibly some spoiler alerts. I know I am so excited for this blog and I know you will enjoy mine as well as Michelle’s.


I hope you all enjoy the show! Follow me on Instagram @heathermarianna @beautykitchenjunkie and Twitter @heathermarianna and @beautykiychenhm




Starting off the first thing I noticed was the amazing eye gels, ha ha, that Michelle and I wore the entire trip (we definitely needed them after some long days). Yeah was happy to see Beauty Kitchen a few times on this episode. I actually paid for extra baggage and brought all the travelers and production crew travel kits. And the lip gloss I gave the village lady was Dior, people were asking if I sold lip gloss, I do not. I know the ladies really loved the Beauty stuff since they were carrying the bags around like crazy.

Now for the good stuff, I can talk about Beauty Kitchen all day but that’s not what I am here for.

When Amy returned from Morocco from being sick, Michelle and I were very excited to have her in our tent! She had a chip on her shoulder already from thinking in her daze that I didn’t say goodbye to her in Morocco (which was a bold faced lie!) I even offered to leave her my Apple TV (via production) so she would have something to watch and I asked production if I could stay back with her and I was told I couldn’t. So on to Kenya I went! When your filming a TV show it’s hectic and in the case of our show we had planes and cars scheduled, production was not hearing a thing about me staying with Amy. Knowing what I know now, it is very apparent that this was all part of the plan.

When Amy arrived in Kenya, Michelle and I were excited to show her the tent. I was extremely excited to see her since there was no communication and I didn’t know how she was feeling. I actually saw her before she came into the tent and I tried to talk to her and was given the cold shoulder which confused me and actually hurt me. I had already heard rumors from members of the cast that she was talking smack behind my back, but I ignored it like I always do. After all, she wouldn’t have even been there if I didn’t ask her to come along on the trip!

When I walked Amy to the tent to show her everything, Michelle was already in there. Amy was acting very erratic and I was trying to lighten the mood as I knew she was already feeling left out. I was cracking jokes about luggage, ordering wine and playing around at this point. Now keep in mind this was around1 in the am and we were told we were off for the night, so I was like get this over with. I knew it was not going to be good by the cold shoulder I got earlier.


When Michelle told us about the Gorilla trip, then we knew something was clearly off with Amy, which I had actually been experiencing for months before we left. She asked who Brandon was and I think Michelle and I were like wtf. Then she thought she was going on the Gorilla trip with Michelle and we were super confused. What you didn’t see in this episode was that Amy was having even more extreme erratic behavior than what was shown and the HUGE fight that followed. She left the tent screaming at me and I was literally in shock!


The next day, I was utterly confused and even tried to resolve our issues. I even offered her some all natural bug spray, she wasn’t having it. Hey at that point I was like fine roam around the tent like a homeless person and get eaten up by bugs. I tried. I am not the type of person to play into someone whiney. I am a suck it up, get over it, deal with it, type of person. I always have been and always will be. Not everything in life is unicorns and glitter, although I wish it was, we all have to learn to suck it up at some point.


Knowing what I know now, Amy was already creating her victim story line. She complained about being ganged up on by Michelle and I, but in all actuality and what triggered the whole fight was that Michelle and I said in front of Amy (when we were in the tent with her) to the production crew filming us, that we wouldn’t film with her in the state of mind she was in. This was out of 100% respect for Amy (however Amy sure didn’t see it as a sign of us respecting her). Amy told me and Michelle right before we got production involved that it took her forty years to travel to Kenya and she traveled with a golden egg, and at that point we knew something was utterly wrong. I’ve been drunk before (on occasion lol) and I’ve never told anyone I had a golden egg, LOL. It was clearly more than exhaustion and white wine, as Michelle said in the episode.


Once Michelle got back from her gorilla trip, Amy decided to confront her by saying that I told her that Michelle wanted to talk to her. That’s totally f*cked up and not accurate. I was wearing a red jumpsuit, not a black shirt… so me looking like I set up that whole fight was wrong and compete editing. However, I will admit that the evil genius look on my face is accurate, but it wasn’t accurate in that particular situation. Go back and look at what I was wearing when Michelle sat back down at the dinner table with me… again, a red jumpsuit! Also take note of who’s sitting together on the couch when we are told we are going to the Maldives? Hmmm. And hmmm I only like to be around one person at a time? What a joke, I seriously cant with that.


Michelle and I had completely squashed it… Amy chose to continue to fight with me and Michelle to either play the victim, be jealous, seclude herself or whatever her reason was. That was on her, not me… we were over it. Hmm I actually think I said several times it’s on her, not on my end, I know Michelle was feeling the same way as me OVER IT! And I am still over it, it was so stupid to me this whole thing was made out to be much bigger than it was and it only gets worse…………..very worse.

Michelle and my friendship definitely continues to grow throughout the season. We are still amazing friends and have traveled quite extensively together since then. We have gone to the Hamptons, Mexico and several stay cations in Cali and Vegas! And yes we were there with other people too, we work well in groups contrary to popular belief, LOL.

Maybe getting ditched by Amy was a good thing.  There is a big cast on the show so it’s hard to show everything and I get that, but don’t make me out to be some friend ditcher when that wasn’t the case! Amy chose that route, I didn’t.

-Heather Marianna

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