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Michelle Harvey’s OFFICIAL Blog!- “Tour Group” Episode 3 (Exclusive)

Exclusive Blog!

Tour Group is back on Bravo as of this past Tuesday! With the relaunch of the show, we decided to try something new. Heather Marianna and Michelle Harvey will be posting their thoughts and perspectives on the show every week excusively with Real Mr Housewife (See Heather’s blog from yesterday HERE). It’s gonna be a good season! Enjoy Michelle and Heather’s blogs!

Tour Group Episode 3 Michelle Harvey Blog Exclusive

I was the last to leave the hotel and stayed w Amy until I left!!!! Not even a mention of that.
  Amy was, to me, clearly out of her right mind when I started to tell the girls about my exciting trip to Rwanda! She had no idea who Brandon was?? And insisted she was going w me…OVER N OVER N OVER?!
  I look right at camera (shown) and then say (not shown) I don’t think Amy’s ok?? Then said I didn’t want to film w her. I think that’s my right??? Don’t u?
Amy then started talking about how Sandhurst took her on a 40 year journey! And how she was traveling with a GOLDEN EGG!
I (footage shown) politely asked both Amy n Heather to stop discussing this issue as it was now 1:30am… I had to be up at 5:00am!! Amy chose to disregard my polite request.  Only asking her to be quiet out of respect for my early call time!! If there was a victim that night it was surely ME! You see just how affected I was by Amy’s belligerent actions the next AM as I was flying to Rwanda…I was in tears stressed missing my son!
The next AM Amy COMPLETELY changed her story!!! The night before it was..’ I can’t wait to rejoin the group and PARTY! It also shows her boozing it up on the plane & at the dinner it shows Amy drinking at least 4 more cocktails…but her AM victim story was…’I was throwing up for 9 hours! I was exhausted from traveling, I was dehydrated (drinking copious amounts of booze will do that)…waa, waa, waa! Amy says if I was A decent person I would’ve tried to put her to bed but the footage shows that’s exactly what I was trying to do, put her to bed!  By the way, it’s not my job to take care of a grown woman that decides to drink on a flight when she’s been sick!
When I arrived home from Rwanda I begged Amy to squash the situation…off camera no less for her privacy! SHE REFUSED TO!!!! Again who’s the continuing victim? Held hostage by this bull shit! ME.  On camera, I was by that time, SO OVER IT…I just didn’t want to listen to her bs. I was done! Our ‘beef’ was portably squashed two days later never to b brought up again!! By Amy or I…sadly the shitty cast (not heather) continued to act as if it was still a ‘thing’!?? But it was over fur me before it even began
You’ll see Amy admits to wanting to “join the party and staring drinking alcohol” as soon as she arrives at dinner. On the  flight it SHOWS HER DRINKING 2 BOTTLES OF HARDCORE BOOZE!
Also…on green screen Sandhurst ADMITS AMYS MIXING BOOZE & PRESCRIPTION DRUGS! So he’s actually the one that calls Amy out on it 1st!!
So why I’m the bad guy is BEYOND me? She was wasted.
Stay tuned next week for Michelle’s next blog and make sure to tell us your thoughts on this one below!
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