Chelsea Houska Married

Chelsea Houska Secretly Marries Cole Deboer?

Secret Wedding?

We were thrilled a while back when news was announced that Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska was engaged to Cole Deboer. In all of the footage of the show that we’ve seen- and in both of their respective posts on social media- they both seem ecstatic with one another. While we hadn’t heard much about their wedding, recent social media posts seem to point that the pair may have secretly wed without anyone knowing. What do we mean ?

Chelsea Houska Married To Cole Deboer Secretly?

A few days ago, Houska posted this on her Instagram:

Chelsea Houska Married

As you can see in the caption, Houska refers to herself as “wifey.”

Two weeks ago, Deboer also added fuel to the fire with this post:

Chelsea Houska Married

As you can see, Deboer also calls her his “wife.”

However, in another post 1 week later, he referred to her as his “wife to be”:

Chelsea Houska Married

While neither has commented on the use of the word “wife,” if we had to guess our best would be that they’re not married and just playing around with the name.

We will be sure to update you if we hear any more details.

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