Kailyn Lowry Javi Marroquin Deployment

Kailyn and Javi Talk Deployment Messing With His Head

Emotional Scene!

Tonight on Teen Mom 2, fans will get to see a scene where Javi Marroquin calls Kailyn Lowry from overseas during his deployment, something Lowry has spoken about before (read that here). We have some details on the scene, which is quite emotional, below.

Kailyn Lowry Javi Marroquin Deployment Emotional Scene

The scene opens with Lowry’s younger son asking about where Daddy is. She says he’s at work. Then, Marroquin calls Lowry on FaceTime.

Lowry thanks him for a surprise dinner he had planned for her from overseas, detailing how she went out with friends and it was “nice to get out with adults.”
He responds that Lowry’s friends play a “huge role in their marriage” in terms of how she deals with him being gone and he wanted to show them he was appreciative.
Then, more serious talks about his deployment begin, with Marroquin saying that this place is “draining him” and he feel like he’s in a “f***ing prison.”
Lowry asks what she can do to help him have better days, detailing that she thinks she can just reassure him that they’re going to get thru this and time will go by fast. 
She also tells him to “not let it f**k with” his head, but understands this is easier to say than do.
When Marroquin says he doesn’t have anything there aside from his room and just eats, sleeps, and wakes up again, Lowry starts to get understandably emotional and breaks down.

Fans will have to tune in tonight to see the complete scene, but here is a preview that MTV has released below:

Tell us- what do you think of Marroquin’s deployment having an effect on him? Are you surprised? Sound off in the comments below.
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