Ramona Singer Uninvited

Countess Luann- Here’s Why Ramona Was Uninvited From Surprise Party

Why She Was Uninvited!

Late las night, we posted how Real Housewives of New York City star Ramona Singer had snap chatted how she had been uninvited from Countess Luann‘s surprise party (read that here). Tonight, Luann is on Watch What Happens Live and was asked about why Singer was uninvited. What did she have to say?

Ramona Singer Uninvited Countess Surprise Party Luann Responds

“You know what,” Luann explained, “It was a surprise party. Guess what? I didn’t invite. It was a surprise.”

When pushed further, she said, “It was raining and- you know what I think the problem was to be perfectly honest. Let me tell you. It was a surprise party so I wasn’t in charge of inviting.”

Luann finally added that, “John and Dorinda were coming and it was not a good night for that mix.”

Luann also joked about Singer claiming Luann’s party could have been in Singer’s apartment, saying, “Just what I want to do- have a party at Ramona’s.”

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