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Heather Marianna’s OFFICIAL Blog!- “Tour Group” Episode 4 (Exclusive)

Exclusive Blog!

Tour Group star Heather Marianna is sharing her exclusive blogs about Tour Group each week with us. Here is her blog (below) for week 4.

Tour Group Week 4 Heather Marianna Exclusive Blog

First off, as I said in the last blog, I never ditched Amy and Michelle never got between us. There was no line drawn in the sand. I did say goodbye to Amy and again she chose this route. Michelle and I did not.

Honestly, the flight to the Maldives was terrible. It’s a straight shot from Kenya and it was totally unnecessary for us to travel that long. However, I understand the whole cast and crew has to travel so I sucked it up.

Of course the Maldives was as beautiful as I remembered on my last trip there. We stayed in a nice hotel with in-room blowout services—amazing! Like sorry not sorry that I have a hair weave and it needs maintenance. I am sure most girls can understand that being on the road for weeks can wreak havoc on your hair. I’m sorry if anyone thinks I’m being a princess, but my hair is not a luxury—it’s my life.

As far me not joining scuba diving, remember that I cannot swim. Not only can I not swim but I’m also afraid of the water. And what you didn’t see AT ALL was how Michelle and I actually spent the entire day planning a white party for the other cast members. We actually paid for alcohol (which wasn’t cheap in the Maldives) and we spent the entire day putting it together. Upon the end of their diving activity day, they received a beautiful invite that we designed in the business center, plus a glass of champs. The bubbles added my signature flair to the invite. Too bad that it ended up on the cutting room floor. Instead you see refusing to participate in yet another fucking activity when I was actually working my ass off planning a party for them—which of course none of them even appreciated. Especially Jared, the self-proclaimed rich man who was complaining about $14 drinks. Lol. I really wish the white party would have aired it was a good time and misty wore a see though outfit and was smacking her ass constantly.

Also, again Amy—stop with the victim crap.

As far as the swimming lesson goes…what you didn’t see during this episode is Sandhurst’s thirsty ass vying for any camera scene he could get into. I was told I was doing a lesson and quick scene with Brandon so I agreed. But Sandhurst quickly turned it around and started in on me about Amy, which was very upsetting. The worst part: he brought up my mother, which wasn’t cool. He pushed me to tears for his own gain and to this day I want nothing to do with him. He actually stirred the pot with Amy and I during the entire show filming, and this especially touched a nerve. Yet then he would go and talk about her to me. PATHETIC. I didn’t want his dollar store therapy session. I wanted to get the F outta there. It was absolutely gross to me and I wish more of that scene was shown. I am glad everyone can see I still keep my same stance that I am NOT THE ONE TALKING ABOUT AMY. Editing can be a mother fucker. And I was fighting with production the entire time to not get into this scene with “Shady Sandy” since I saw him speaking to Amy right before. However, I am happy with how it turned out, and again Sandhurst needs to keep is dollar store therapy to himself. He’s ridiculous and thirsty.
I was always a great friend to her and continued to be after the show. I have always gone above and beyond for my friends. They and others who know me know that I don’t need to defend myself.

I’m not commenting about Misty and Jared’s fake ass relationship because we know where I stand with that. I love Michelle’s rusty fork comment—agree! I know Misty knew Jared was coming on the trip before we left and they were talking. Enough said. Don’t even get me started on the note under the door. Yawn. Hit the fast forward button. Over it.

Jetta’s wedding was amazing, and was the most heartfelt moment on our Maldives island trip. I didn’t stay for the reception because I was very upset about Sandhurst’s actions and words during the swim lesson. He completely killed my buzz. Jetta actually asked me to be in her wedding, which was sweet considering we had definitely bonded but were still getting to know each other. She’s quite fun when you get to know her, and she’s smart and a lovely person. I’m glad they didn’t ask Michael to officiate the wedding because it would have lasted for hours. He doesn’t shut up. Like ever.

And Amy, I know you didn’t come halfway around the world to be in my shadow…..I never asked you too ha. I’ll send you a #getyourlife tank or better yet, my true feelings on this drama: #unbothered.

As far as the preview, I’ll C U Next Tuesday…shit gets real!


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