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Jersey Jess Talks Little Women NY Episode 3 Exclusive

Exclusive Blog!

We are absolutely loving this season of Little Women New York and are ecstatic to have cast member Jersey Jess sharing her thoughts with us on last night’s episode. So what did she have to say about it? Read on to see!

Jersey Jess Little Women New York Episode Three Exclusive Blog

Last week, I decided to torture myself and invite Dawn to lunch to unsuccessfully hash out her issues with me and my career choices. Why do I keep putting myself through this? Hi, I’m Jess and I’m a masochist. Then, Jazz finally met my, very pregnant, BFF Katie and suggested we all go belly dancing so she could meet the group. That night, disapproving Dawn took the opportunity to make her opinions known to Katie and everyone else once she learned Katie used to wrestle with me. In the end, Jazz had finally had enough and told Dawn to back off. (GO JAZZ!)

This week, Jazz feels like she may not have handled things with Dawn in the best way, so she meets Jason to go on a walk and discuss. Jazz needs to figure out if she should just be done with Dawn (“Yes.” – Said, everyone.) Jason suggests that they both come over to his parent’s house for dinner so he can show Dawn how a normal/loving family dynamic works–  and maybe (miraculously) learn her lesson in how to treat Jazz. The only problem is: he’s not going to tell Dawn that Jazz will be there.

Just when I’m starting to think I’m the only one who thinks Jazz is a grown ass woman and can handle her own life, Lila stops by Dawn’s place to prove me right. She claims she is the “Switzerland” between Dawn and Jazz and offers to “help.” Shockingly, Dawn claims she is perfect doesn’t need any help and that relationships are supposed to be effortless. I have a feeling that no relationship with her can be effortless… just exhausting. Lunch was exhausting and I don’t even want a relationship with this chick. I digress….

For a slight second I can see Dawn’s point when she tells Lila that her and Jazz are very different people and that just because her brother married Jazz does not mean that they need to be best friends. I get it. My sister-in-law and I are very different, we don’t speak every day and it would probably get annoying for both of us if people tried to force us to. But when Dawn uses the time she said she couldn’t stand the color that Jazz had on as an example, I take it back. “I just put it out there,” she said, “why would I lie and say I loved the color?” Or, ya know, keep your opinion to yourself?

Lila ends up telling Dawn that she “lacks charm and manners” and she needs to soften up. Dawn explains that she can’t let her walls down because her adoptive parents had physical challenges that required her and David to do a lot for themselves, so she’s learned the best person to rely on is yourself. That explains your independence but what explains your arrogance?

Dawn and Jason arrive at Jason’s parents’ house for dinner in hopes that seeing Jason’s loving family and interaction will somehow help her see the light and start to treat Jazz better. I don’t know about that plan, but the food looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Having dinner at the Perez’s is now on my bucket list. Jazz shows up with flowers for Jason’s parents, because she is adori-o like that, but Dawn is completely shocked to see her and is “not ready to forgive and forget” their interaction at belly dancing. Jason’s dad begins to explain how difficult it is for Jason’s mom to see her children grow up and leave the house. (Side note: in Philippino culture the children usually live at home until they’re married.) Dawn takes this as an opportunity to proudly state that she was out of her parent’s house when she was 20 and that you don’t need to live with people to know that they’re there for you. Basically, “Sorry Mr. & Mrs. Perez, not only do I not agree with you but I don’t agree with your entire culture.”

Jason’s mom politely listens to Dawn lecture from her step-stool chair, but her face looks like she’s thinking “I spent all this time cooking this food to listen to her tell me we’re doing this family thing wrong?” Or maybe she’s thinking “Where’s Jess? I bet she would appreciate this food.”  OVER HERE MRS. PEREZ!!! Dawn decides to leave abruptly before the meal is over because she feels like she’s “being talked at.” But I’m pretty sure she did most of the talking.

When Jason and Dawn talk the next day, she tells him she feels personally victimized because she didn’t know Jazz was coming to dinner. Dawn explains that everyone butting into their relationship, is only making it harder. Jason’s solution: a camping trip. Is he thinking if he traps us all in the woods than we have no choice but to “bond?”

Lila treats Katie to a pedicure to make up for her cold welcome to the group. Um, what about my toes? What temperature did you consider my welcoming? They struggle to get into the pedicure chairs so the nail tech can actually reach their feet – the struggle is REAL people! Then, they catch up on old times, including the ones that Katie remembers Lila not being so nice…but Lila fixes things by telling her that if she ever hurts Katie’s feelings to let her know and she will make it up to her. Awwwww. Things get a little real when Lila talks about how she recently lost her Dad (RIP Papa Call) and Katie talks about how hard it is to not have her Dad around to see her baby girl be born (RIP Papa Snyder.) It’s good that Katie has Lila, someone who can empathize, to talk to about the struggles of losing her father.

My favorite part. I come home and surprise Katie with CHI CHI!!!! Chi Chi (aka “Cheech”)  is an adopted dog that I got from the New York Humane Society. When I saw her, I just couldn’t NOT take her home. She seems nervous, so I take the opportunity to let Katie in on my second surprise: I’m going camping with the group…. Tomorrow. I know she’s not thrilled about me leaving her with my new dog, but what are friends for?

The next day, while Jason, Lila and Jazz are packing up the van for our camping trip, Jazz calls shotgun, but when Dawn shows up late, she wants to take the front seat, saying she gets car sick. When Jazz refuses to give up her seat, Dawn tells her “…this isn’t kindergarten.” (That was an immaturity insult while complaining about shot gun, just saying.) Jason’s genius idea is off to a great start!

I show up, late as usual. Jazz is happy I’m coming but is nervous because she has something weighing on her that she wants to share with the rest of the group… and it apparently involves ME. Oh, yay……But anyway, we’re finally on our way to camping! And Dawn criticizes Jason’s driving the whole way.

We finally make it to Stoney Creek Farm, and surprise! This is not what any of us were expecting. This isn’t camping, this is GLAMPING! We have a kitchen, a stove, working toilets and beds! Thank God!

Back in the city, Katie Skypes with her boyfriend PJ who is still in Seattle. Katie left him there so he can figure out what he wants to do. They have continued to keep in touch since she left and Katie has come to a realization. She tells PJ she needs him in NY because although she loves me, I am young and I’m not ready to be a mom – um, DUH! PJ realizes he needs to “stop being “stuck on stupid” and wants to come to NY to be with Katie and his soon-to-be daughter.

At Stoney Creek Farm, Jason and I successfully create a fire without burning down the whole campground. After it’s lit, we talk about Katie and the baby—and how she’ll be a great mom. I feel guilty about leaving her but I know once this baby comes, my life is going to get a lot more hectic! Jazz has been quiet. She confides in Lila that she’s missing David and that there is something else bothering her, but she can’t tell the group yet bhinoecause I’m there. WTF is going on?! 

Jason gives us all paper lanterns so we can release them and our worries into the sky. It was hilarious, and scary, to watch Jason try to figure out how to release this paper lantern that was on fire in his hands, but his wish for “fences to be mended and hearts to be bigger” made this dangerous activity a little worth it. Dawn wishes for “world peace.” Oh… ok.

The only reason, in my mind, for a campfire is S’MORES!! I brought all the s’more essentials and could not wait to cozy up and stuff my face. But of course, Dawn “can’t imagine putting a marshmallow on a stick and then eating it.” I can’t help but ask Dawn if she does ANYTHING for fun (literally ANYTHING?!?!) Dawn’s idea of fun is working and making money which I think sounds like a sad life…and I tell her so.

The next second, Dawn is taking Lila aside and tells her she should’ve defended her against big, bad me and my comments. Lila basically tells her she doesn’t need to defend her all the time (I can’t imagine how exhausting that would be.) They go back and forth a bit and it ends with Dawn telling Lila, “there’s no ‘I’ in team but there is a ‘U’ in SEE-YOU-NEXT-TUESDAY” while Lila screams that it’s hard to defend her when she’s, “such an a*hole all the time.”

The next day, we whip out the slip and slide! Well, a homemade one with a tarp, a hose, and some soap, but Dawn doesn’t join. Shocker.

Now it’s time to go home (yay!!!) but before we can leave, Jazz takes Dawn aside so they can talk again. Somehow Jazz ends up apologizing and Dawn acknowledges that it takes a very strong person to apologize, but somehow gets away with not apologizing herself. Jazz and Dawn return and before we get in the car, I decide to try and find some signal (middle of NOWHERE) to give Katie a call and check in on her, the baby and Chi Chi. Apparently, this is the perfect opportunity for Jazz to tell the group what has been on her mind.

She reveals the news of the day.. that after belly dancing, Jazz saw me and Katie smoking a cigarette. She didn’t want to say anything in front of me because she knows Katie and I are BFFs. Jazz backs up her piece of gossip information with a video to share with the group.

Let the shit talking and unasked-for opinions begin….. 

We LOVED reading Jess’s thoughts on the episode!

Tell us- what did YOU think of what Jess had to say? Sound off in the comments below.

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