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Michelle Harvey’s OFFICIAL Blog!- “Tour Group” Episode 4 (Exclusive)

Exclusive Blog!

Michelle Harvey from Bravo’s Tour Group has been blogging with us about the show. Here is her exclusive blog on last night’s fourth episode.

Michelle Harvey Tour Group Episode 4 Exclusive Blog

Hey guys it’s Michelle Harvey…hope you enjoyed Tuesday’s episode of Bravo’s Tour Group to catch the group leaving beautiful Kenya for the magnificent Maldives! You’ll see more exotic locations and ridiculous drama! Read my blog every week to catch my thoughts!!
By the plane trip from Kenya to the Maldives, Amy and I were totally fine. I had to sit in back of the plane nearest the door because Im incredibly claustrophobic. NO OTHER REASON.
The 32+ hour flight to the Maldives was hard on everyone! Everyone was complaining and rightly so…
The Maldives was breathtaking! When the travelers were told they were going scuba diving, I saw complete fear come over Heather’s face, as she cannot swim. I still don’t understand anyone not having ANY EMPATHY for Heather? I volunteered to stay behind with her. Within an hour, Heather and I decided to throw a beautiful SURPRISE White Party for our fellow travelers. Of which, WE PAID FOR OUT OF OUR OWN POCKETS! We did this selflessly, wanting to have a fun night with everyone…which it was. Sadly, the entire evening (party) got left on the cutting room floor.
Not one time in 6 weeks did Jared or Misty ever ask me about Tanner? If I missed him, if he missed me? How he was doing…SO WHY DO I CARE TO TALK ABOUT A FAKE RELATIONSHIP with two people who don’t give a shit about me or my family? So, yes I excused myself from the dinner to go back to my room to video call Tanner and then cry….I missed him terribly.
I was honored to groom Jeff for the wedding. It was a great afternoon spent with the guys of the group. The ceremony was beautiful and the party afterward was a lot of fun…for those of us NOT ON OUR PHONES. I very much like both Jetta and Jeff, they’re good people.
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