Kailyn and Javi

Kailyn and Javi Have Tense FaceTime Conversation

Tense Conversation!

Recently, we spoke to Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry about the status of things in her marriage to Javi Marroquin (read that here). While the pair are still married (read about that here), on this coming week’s episode they have a tense conversation over FaceTime. Want details?

Kailyn and Javi Have Tense FaceTime Conversation

When Marroquin calls on FaceTime, Lowry seems upbeat at first. He asks her how school is going and she says she is currently on spring break.

“I texted Vee and I’m going to go have lunch with her today,” Lowry tells Marroquin of her ex Jo Rivera’s fiance, Vee Torres.
“That’s random, no?” Marroquin inquires.
Lowry replies that “Neither of us have anybody here right now, so why not?… She doesn’t have anybody in Delaware besides Jo so I figured I would text her and go to lunch with her.”
Then, as the conversation continues, Lowry asks Marroquin how work is. He informs her it is “Long. We didn’t get back till midnight so I had to wake up at 4 o’clock to go to work, so I’m freaking tired all day.”
Trying to keep things upbeat, Lowry says, “Well you can sleep when you’re dead.”
“Yeah well when you gotta work a 12 hour shift…” Marroquin then says, leading Lowry to retort that “I work 24 hour shifts here.”
“Well that’s a little different,” Marroquin replies.
When she questions him as to why he’s cranky, he says, “Just I don’t know. I want you to show some emotion sometimes…It just kind of sucks.”
Lowry clearly tries to make her husband feel less upset, saying, “I don’t think any deployment is a fun…”
“I’m not talking about that,” Marroquin then says, cutting her off. “Deployment has nothing to do with it.”
“So what are you saying?” Lowry questions him.
“Just what are you feeling,” he explains. “What emotions go through your body. I mean honestly I just feel like you don’t care. I would be nice if i could share some of my stories…”
So tell me then. I can’t read your mind,” Lowry tells him.
Marroquin responds to her, telling her that, “No but that’s not what it’s bout. You just don’t even ask how I’m doing.”
“Really? I’m going to hang up now because that’s bullshit.” Lowry ends with.
We truly feel bad for Lowry, as she has a ton going on with attending school, taking care of her kids, and more, all while her husband is away.
Check out the clip MTV has released here:
Hopefully when Marroquin returns from his deployment this summer the two can work it out.
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