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Amber Portwood- The Media Is Making FALSE Assumptions Exclusive 

False Assumptions!

Yesterday, TMZ released a new report claiming Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood had gone back to court with ex Gary Shirley and that Shirley had won custody and child support payments (read about that here). While we covered how both Portwood AND Shirley shot these reports down as false (read about that here), we exclusively caught up with Portwood to find out on record what exactly is going on and get an update on her fiance Matt Baier.

Amber Portwood Media Making False Assumptions Exclusive

“Me and Gary have shared joint custody,” Portwood exclusively told us. “He has her primarily simply because we didn’t want to take her out of her school district. If so she would have to change schools and we didn’t want to do that to her.”
“As of now I can see Leah whenever I want,” Portwood elaborated. “We have 50/50 so we simply communicate with each other.”
So where did these reports come from? Portwood explained that, “The media just simply assumed we went to court. We’ve never been to court. We talked like adults face to face and I’m the one who said I would pay Gary support simply because our difference in income.”
And of course I love booboo and I always help whenever she needs something,” Portwood added.
She wrapped talking about yesterday’s “news” with telling us that, “Me and Gary have a good relationship and we will continue to support each other as Leah’s parents.”
Portwood also told us before going about her fiance, dishing that, “Me and Matt are amazing and we are looking to buy a home closer to Leah so we can be more available whenever she needs me.”
We adore Portwood and are thrilled to hear things in her life are going so well, regardless of what the media is trying to depict.
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