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Reza Farahan Talks GG Scratching Adam In Deleted Post Exclusive

Crazy Situation!

Recently, we reported how Shahs of Sunset star Reza Farahan posted a photo claiming co-star Golnesa Gharachedaghi, better known as “GG,” had attacked him and his husband, Adam Neely (read about that here). After he posted the photo, GG took to Twitter to deny it, and Farahan then took to Instagram to elaborate more on the situation, even posting a text message as proof. Farahan’s post and GG’s tweet have both since been deleted, but we have them below for you to see! Read on for details.

Reza Farhan GG Scratched Adam Proof Given Exclusive

When GG took to Twitter, she wrote, “I didn’t jump u & ur man u dumb middle aged bum! I came for u but u wacked ur man in the face w/ the cheap roses in ur hands. Keep talkin!”

Here is a screenshot of her now deleted tweet:

Reza Farahan GG

Farahan then took to Instagram, writing, “Why am I calling @gg_golnesa an animal? Here is the reason why. When you’re 35 years old, you have no job, o life, no class, no manners and no impulse control, then this is what you do.”

You jump your friends who are trying to help you,” he continued. “Luckily for GG, @theadamneely got in front of me and her claws got him and not me. You’ll see for yourselves later in the season.”

If there was ever a bully it’s GG,” he added. “Her parents didn’t teach her right from wrong and she doesn’t know that physical violence is not ok.”

She’s lucky we didn’t press charges and should be thanking Adam,” Farahan added.

Farahan also attached a text from someone asking if Adam was okay and saying they’re sorry this happened.

Here is a copy of his now deleted post:

Reza Farahan GG

This is definitely a CRAZY situation, but we definitely understand why Farahan is pissed off, as we would be LIVID.

Tell us- what do YOU think about the situation? Sound off in the comments below.

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