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Savannah Chrisley- I’m Self Conscious And Far From Perfect Exclusive

Opening Up!

One of our favorite reality stars is Savannah Chrisley from Chrisley Knows Best, simply due to how real she constantly keeps it with her fans. Earlier this year, we covered a makeup-free selfie she posted and why that was meaningful due to it’s message (read about that here). Now, Savannah has opened up again with another meaningful post to her fans. What do we mean? Read on for details.

Savannah Chrisley Self Conscious Far From Perfect Exclusive

Savannah took to her Instagram to share that, “Before y’all give me crap…no, I don’t have makeup on and yes, there is a filter on this picture but ya wanna know why? I have times where I am unbelievably self conscious because I have about 2 million people throughout my social media pages judging every little thing about me.”

It hurts,” she continued. “I constantly find myself seeking acceptance from those who don’t matter and I have fallen into the trap of finding my self worth through all of the comments that people post.”

However, Savannah is using what she’s gone through and turning it into a positive, revealing that, “Today is when I begin loving me for me and not who people think that I should be. Today is the day that I start loving me even when others don’t. I am going to work on becoming the best me possible and I feel sorry for the people who have walked out of my life during my times of struggle because I can promise you…you’re gonna regret it when I’m the BEST ME! The ME that God created me to be.”

Savannah also added a challenge to her fans, telling them, “I challenge you to embrace what God has given you and love you for YOU!”

She is encouraging fans to share their stories of their struggles with her, using the hashtag #imperfectlybeautiful. 

We caught up with Savannah exclusively to find out what inspired the post. She told us that, “Social media is a funny thing. We all put the good out there! We want people to think that our looks, our love lives, and our lives as a whole are just perfect. But if you’re being honest with yourself…none of those things are.”

“Out of insecurity we post the best of the best because we think that will eventually change our current situations,” she continued. “I’m saying this from experience…no aspect of my life is perfect…if I’m being honest…it’s so far from it.”

“I have been in front of a camera since I was 15 years old,” she elaborated. “That age is such a pivotal time in a young girls life. You’re trying to figure out who you are and where you belong…sadly…I didn’t get that chance. Instead I’ve just been told who I am and I eventually fell into the person that people told me to be. ”

She continued to open up, detailing exclusively that, “Over the past few months I have truly been struggling with myself and who I am. My dad recently asked me the question, ‘Who is Savannah?’ and when he asked…I just started crying because I didn’t know who she was.”

“I’ve lived a life full of fooling myself into being someone that wasn’t me and along the way I hurt so many people,” she elaborated. “Within the past week I finally just hit my knees in tears and just started praying. I know that I can’t continue to live my life and be happy if I’m going against everything that God has made me to be. I was saved last November but I’ve messed up…and the beautiful thing about that is God has forgiven me.”

“But today…I am forgiving myself,” she wrapped with telling us. “I am going to begin living my life in a way that makes me and my Heavenly Father happy. This isn’t me saying that I’m just gonna stop being self conscious in the snap of a finger…but this is me saying that I’m gonna work every single day to truly LOVE me! And I can’t wait until I can finally…CONFIDENTLY…tell people who the REAL Savannah Chrisley is.”

We admire and applaud Savannah being so open about her struggles with her fans and us, as many likely would not expect someone like her to ever struggle with being self conscious whatsoever.

Tell us- what do you think about what Savannah shared and the message behind it? Sound off in the comments below.

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