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Exclusive Interview with Jay Ward from Bravo’s “Tour Group”

Exclusive Interview!

When Tour Group returned last Tuesday, we became hooked on all the drama with our favorite travelers and tour guides. One of our favorite cast members from the show, Jay ward, ALWAYS has us cracking up and can put a smile on anyone’s face. We caught up with Jay and got the tea about everything Tour Group. Check out our exclusive interview with him below!

Jay Ward Tour Group Exclusive Interview

Q: How did you get the awesome opportunity of being a part of this show? Why did you decide to do it?

A: “It kind of all happened quickly.  I had just separated or took a little time off from my relationship, and I was like a gypsy going from place to place and was trying to figure out who I was as a person. One of my friends happened to give me a call and told me about a travel opportunity, and the next thing I know, i’m on the phone with the producers who describe the trip as an opportunity to travel the world in 6 weeks. I thought a trip around the world would be perfect to get my mind together. When you travel you take a little piece of that place with you, and not only the place but the people that were there too. So, next thing I knew, I was on a plane to Morrocco.”


Q: When you first met everyone, what was your opinion of the other travelers?

A: I love meeting new people, so basically meeting every one was my cup of tea! Here’s what I thought about everyone:


Michelle: I thought Michelle was my Beverly Hills fondue. She’s fancy, a model, and I knew I was gonna get along with her really well.


Heather: I didn’t meet Heather until the next day, but when I met her we hit it off right away!


Michael & Steven: Of course the Georgia boys… I didn’t know if I was gonna get along with them because I didn’t know if they had been around any homosexuals… let alone a black homosexual, ya know? But, we ended up becoming best friends!


Jetta & Jeff: And then of course Jetta and Jeff… ebony and ivory! I like my ivory too, so I knew this would be interesting.

Twins: And the twins (Jenna and Misty), you can’t forget them! Jenna and I were sitting next to each other in the beginning and we hit it off right away. She did track and field, I did track and field… She’s a twin and i’m a twin… so we hit it off immediately.

Jared – To be honest, I thought he was going to be the most difficult to get to know. Thought he may be a little arrogant or “deuchey” … not jumping to stand in line at his book signing you know.


Q: So what’s up with your love life? How did the trip affect your marriage?

A: “I had just gotten back together with Joe about 3 weeks before the trip, so then it became a journey of discovery about what our relationship would be like when I got back. My heart and my soul was always with Joe. That’s part of relationships… distance makes the heart grow fonder! Now we are so good! We got through it and we’re looking for a new place right now. I’m traveling a lot, and he’s traveling a lot… so we have that space. We’re still in the honeymoon phase everytime we see each other! That guy is amazing. I love him so much!”


Q: Who were you close with during the trip?

A: “The Georgia boys were like my best friends, they’re both my best friends… we still kick it! And then Heather and Michelle were my girls! During the day I had my boys, and at night I had my girls! We had so much fun!”

“Heather is actually going to be moving in with Joe & I later on this year, (possibly)! I’m always #TeamHeather!”

Q: What can viewers expect this season?

A: “They can expect A LOT of drama, a lot of catfights, a lot of Jay Ward putting out fires, a lot of funny one-liners, and a lot of beautiful relationships being built.”
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