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Leah Messer Gets Text From Miranda About Backpack Incident

Confrontational Text?

This past week on Teen Mom 2, fans watched as Leah Messer‘s sister showed her a vide of Messer’s daughter, Ali, describing how Dad Corey Simms‘s new wife, Miranda Simms, doesn’t help her with carrying her backpack even though she has muscular dystrophy. In this coming week’s episode, an understandably disturbed Messer confronts Corey about it. She then receives a text from Miranda, who is less than happy. Want details?

Leah Messer Miranda Simms Text Backpack Incident

In a clip MTV has released for next week’s episode, Messer tells a friend that, “When I dropped Gracie off yesterday, I thought that was my opportunity to talk to Corey about the video that was sent to me and my concerns with the video. So he became concerned. Even though I may not agree with a lot of things Corey does, we can talk about these concerns and whatever she’s feeling maybe we can work through it.”

Messer then hears her phone go off with a text notification. “What?” she says, reading the text. “It’s Miranda. What?”

She then reads part of the lengthy text aloud, detailing that “It says hey Corey was talking to me about y’alls discussion about the girls. I rarely have her carry her own backpack and if I do it’s because I have to carry Remi in and other stuff. I do care for them and try to give them the best life when they are here, but it really bothers me that you are claiming you have some sort of sneaky video of me because I have absolutely nothing to hide.”

Recently, we reported how Miranda and Corey responded to the allegations made in the video Messer has (read about that here).

While we will have to wait to see how this all unfolds on Monday, you can watch the clip below:


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