Sonja Morgan Ramona Singer

Sonja Morgan Calls Out Ramona- “What A B***h!”

Called Out!

This season on The Real Housewives of New York City old time BFF’s Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer aren’t getting along terribly well to put it mildly. Singer has called out Morgan for certain things (read about that here) and Morgan has fired back (read about that here). Now, Morgan has taken it to Twitter to express just how frustrated she is with a comment Singer made about her last night. What do we mean?

Sonja Morgan Ramona Singer What A B

During the episode, Morgan is the only one left out of being invited to an event that all of the other women are invited to. Understandably, she is upset.

While one would think Singer would defend her BFF, instead she claims that “it’s only one night” and laments about how Morgan has to get her stuff together.

While the episode was airing, Morgan took to Twitter to express just how she felt about that “one night” comment.

“Not nice @ramonasinger,” Morgan wrote. “You knew this wasn’t just ‘1 night.’ What a b***h!”

@DorindaMedley knew too,” Morgan added.

Here is a copy of the tweet:

Sonja Morgan Ramona Singer

Tell us- whose side are you on in this BFF spat? What do you think about what Morgan said about Singer? Sound off in the comments below.

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