Jacqueline Laurita RHONJ Season 7

Jacqueline Laurita Clarifies RHONJ Casting

Casting Clarified!

This morning, we exclusively reported that Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice was upset that her cousins were included on Bravo’s cast list (read about that here). After we broke that news, more casting things were clarified by Jacqueline Laurita on her Instagram. What did she say?

Jacqueline Laurita RHONJ Season 7 Casting Clarified

Let’s talk gossip and clear some misunderstandings up!” Laurita’s post began. “When the ‘full-time’ cast was announced by Bravo, ALL housewives posted our ‘full-time’ cast photo.(check my Instagram & bottom of upper left photo seen here). Even our ‘Friends of’ posted for support because they are also part of the ‘full cast’!”

Siggy had found that a fan had put together another photo lineup of the ‘Full Cast’ taken from Bravotv.com website, which features ‘Full Cast’ photos and their new Bio’s which INCLUDES Kathy & Rosie,” Laurita continued. “(Full cast, not Full time) and she sent it to us in a group chat. We all got a kick out of it and thought it was brilliant because Rosie looked like a bad ass in the photo and we loved how we all looked together. We then posted the photo on social media which confused a lot of people because they forgot we had ALREADY posted the ‘Full-time’ cast the day it was announced.”

“Apparently,” Laurita added, “some people took offense to it & complained that it looked like they were ‘Full-timers’! To clear that up, I then added a link to Bravotv.com to clear up any misunderstanding of who the ‘Full-time’ cast members are and so you all could read the ‘Full Cast’ Bio’s and see their pictures. (Bottom left pic shows what it says on Bravotv.com from the link I posted and the top right pic shows Kathy and Rosie as part of the ‘Full Cast’ on Bravotv.com.)”

“Apparently that was still confusing to some for whatever reason,” Laurita wrapped with saying. “So…to be clear…there is ‘Full-time’ cast members (which is the shot of the 5 girls) , and there’s the ‘Full Cast’ (The pic of Rosie in the middle) Get it? Oh… And I added in Kim D.’s picture here too because although she’s not on the website, you will see her too! ? I just had to clear that up! I hope there is no more confusion. ?? I loved how it went viral! I love our supporters! XOXO!”

Here is a copy of Laurita’s post:

Jacqueline Laurita RHONJ Season 7

There you have it and there should be no further confusion.

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