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Kailyn Tells Jo “I’m Nervous For A Lot Of Things”

Making Amends!

This coming week on Teen Mom 2, we will see Kailyn Lowry sit down with ex Jo Rivera to try to improve their relationship in order to continue to effectively co-parent Isaac, the son they share. When talking with Rivera, the topic of Javi Marroquin being deployed (read more about that here) and the effect it’s having comes up. Read on to see what Lowry tells Rivera.

Kailyn Lowry Jo Nervous For Lot Of Things

When Lowry sits down with Rivera, she tells him that she wanted “to meet up with you or reach out to you so we can squash things and make sure that things are good between us.”

“Is there anything you want to talk about and get out of the way?” Rivera asks Lowry.
“Over ether last few months we’ve had a couple things just blown out of proportion,” Lowry explains. “Things that were minor. We fought in front of the house which was so stupid.”
“I know a lot of things are affecting us on our personal ends,” Rivera responds. “I know me moving here and just the stress of everything. Just being isolated and everything. Sometimes we get al little irritable. I just feel like over the years there’s been a pattern of months of us we’re good, we’re hanging out , we’re talking. Then one little thing and its’ gone for months and months. My biggest thing is the fear of regressing back to fighting and things that we’ve done in the past.”
“Why do you feel like that?” Lowry inquires, asking, “When Javi comes home or just in general?”
“I don’t want to say he’s the problem,” Rivera says, “For a long time I wanted to bring him in on this and make sure that we’re all good as a group.
Lowry then says that, “Javi and I have been dealing with some stuff while he’s been deployed and it’s been way harder than I ever anticipated. So it kind of makes me nervous for a lot of things. Not just our situation and how Javi’s gonna deal with us all being on good terms, but just everything in general.”

Here is the clip of their exchange:

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