Tamra Judge Erasing Family

Tamra Judge Is An Erased Mom

Erased Mom!

Our hearts have always gone out to Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge with the sad struggle she’s had with her oldest daughter Sidney (read more about that here). Today, Judge has taken to her Facebook to let fans know she’s participating in a new documentary about erased parents. Want details?

Tamra Judge Erasing Family Explained

Judge shared with her fans about her participation in a new documentary that definitely hits home for her, writing that, “Erasing family is a documentary in the making that will show how family court ‪#‎erase‬ loving parents after ‪#‎divorce‬ causing ‪#‎parentalalienation‬ and ‪#‎familybondobstruction ”

“If you are a child of alienation or a parent being alienated please visit their Facebook @erasingfamily & www.ErasingFamily.org,” she elaborated, sadly adding that, “‪#‎iwillnevergiveuponyouSIDNEY‬Erasing FamilyPlease help me bring awareness.”

Fans who have been following this story know that it has been three years since Judge’s oldest daughter left. Judge’s son, Spencer, lives with her full time and her younger daughter, Sophia, splits time between her and Simon Barney. It should be noted that contrary to tabloid reports and gossip fodder, Judge has never lost custody of her children and has a very close relationship with her two sons, youngest daughter, and Granddaughter. 

Our thoughts are definitely with Judge on this and we applaud her for participating in a project that, again, hits close to home. We also pray that her family will be healed one day and that her and her daughter will mend things.

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