Jenelle Evans Teen Mom 2

Jenelle Evans Responds About Leaving Jace For Spring Break

Not The Whole Story!

Last night on Teen Mom 2, fans saw Jenelle Evans‘s Mom, Barbara, ask if Jenelle could watch her son Jace while Barbara was traveling to New Jersey. Jenelle made it clear in the episode that she couldn’t because she was going on spring break. When fans began to slam Jenelle for this, she took to social media to clarify what was actually going on. Read on for details.

Jenelle Evans Spring Break Instead Of Jace Response

Jenelle took to social media to clarify that she wasn’t choosing spring break over her child; rather, she had events she had already booked and was committed to doing.

Here are her responses below:
Jenelle Evans Spring Break


Jenelle Evans Spring Break

In addition to the drama with her and her Mom last night, we also got to see Jenelle still dealign with her ongoing health issues (read about that here).

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