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Whoop It Up Or Whoop Her A*S? Vicki SLAMMED By RHOC Fans!

Whoop Her A*S!

Ever since the new season of The Real Housewives of Orange County was announced (read about that here), Vicki Gunvalson has been getting slammed by fans of the show (read about that here), as they are not happy with her returning. Over the weekend, Bravo posted another post to their RHOC page, telling fans to click on a link to a quiz to “Find out if you have what it takes to “Whoop it up!” with ‪#‎RHOC‬ OG, Vicki Gunvalson this summer!” How did the fans react? Read on to see.

Vicki Gunvalson RHOC Season 11 Hated On RHOC Page

To say the comments were bashing Gunvalson and largely of a negative nature would be the understatements of the year.

Here are a sampling of some of the comments fans wrote:

  • “I don’t think I have what it takes to whoop it up with Vicki. Apparently it requires no class, no ethics, and the inability to tell the truth. Thanks, but I’ll PASS Bravo! #neverwatchingrhocagain.”
  • What kind of lies are you going to ‘whoop up’ this season, Vicki? I have no respect at all for this woman.”
  • “The answer is no. As long as she is on the show I will not watch and I’m frankly disgusted with Bravo for letting her back on the show after she lied about Brooks having Cancer. I have friends that suffer with Cancer right now and I’m disgusted that she was not fired by Bravo. Shame on Bravo. I guess Bravo had no morals how low can you go. You disgust me.”
  • I wish someone would “Whoop” her lying ass!”
  • “Who in their RIGHT mind wd WANT to whoop it up with a liar ?? Whoop her a** YES ,,,, disgusting excuse for a woman …. Shame on you Bravo.”
  • If you paid my way & gave me 1 million dollars I would NOT go anywhere with that lying peice of garbage! I am a cancer survivor & I am sickened by her.”
  • “Her face makes me what to vomit! She is nothing but a lying piece of crap! Anyone who can make up a lie about having cancer is capable of doing just about anything else despicable. I have a hard time understanding why BRAVO is choosing to overlook that and continue promoting her!! They’ve lost me as a viewer !!”

Luckily for Gunvalson, there were a few positive comments, such as the following:

  • “You’re all a bunch of lying bitches if you can say that you never went along with a lie. Vicki lied!! Get over it. She didn’t personally lie to you. What she did was deceitful yes. It’s been a year. Move on with your lives. She did. And btw, I don’t really think she gives a damn what any of you people think. None of you are any better than her.”
  • “YES, I want to whoop it up with Vicki, as I think we would have a fantastic time! #teamVicki.”
  • “Love Vicki!! Pleased she rose above the bullying and hope she continues to heal after the loss of her mother. She would never have given Brooks the benefit of the doubt if she was not vulnerable after such a significant death. Go Vicki!!!!”

Tell us- what do YOU think of the comments Gunvalson is receiving? Sound off in the comments below.

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