Leeanne Locken Death Threat

Leeanne Locklen Death Threat Issued? Exclusive

Death Threat?

This season of The Real Housewives of Dallas has definitely been a captivating one, but things are literally about to hit the fan in the upcoming episode. As fans saw in the preview, LeeAnne Locken is accused of threatening Marie Reyes’s life. We spoke to a friend of Locken’s who dished on what really happened. Read on for details.

Leeanne Locken Death Threat Exclusive

LeeAnne would never threaten someone’s life in a serious manner,” her friend exclusively told us.

Specifically, her friend detailed that, “When LeeAnne came home from their trip to Austin she was beside herself and couldn’t stop crying. The truth had finally come out that Marie was a liar and it broke LeeAnne’s heart! I had been trying to tell her for weeks that  Marie had been telling nasty lies to me about her but LeeAnne just refused to believe me! She never wanted to see Marie as what she really was- a backstabbing friend!”

“Leeanne planned to talk to Marie off camera, but this was complicated when Cary felt she finally had her opportunity to prove what a ‘crazy person’ LeeAnne was to the world by sneaking downstairs and recording her private conversation with Marie. She did this from around the corner rather than just coming in the room and stopping it!” her friend added, detailing that, “Cary apparently sent the video THAT night to the producers trying to get LeeAnne kicked off the show!”

Her friend had more to add, telling us that, “What people don’t realize about LeeAnne is the fact that she lives with a police officer! The police cannot associate with known felons. Therefore if LeeAnne truly meant that she was going to do physical harm to anyone it would mean the end of her relationship and that is something LeeAnne is never going to put in jeopardy!”

Locken’s friend wrapped with telling us that “The LeeAnne you saw last week, giving a speech at the Aids charity- THAT is the real LeeAnne. She cares about people and is committed to building them up, especially given all she went through. I truly hope she won’t be judged negatively because of this week’s coming episode, because I can assure you, that is not the ‘real LeeAnne.’”

Tell us- what do YOU think about what Locken’s friend told us? Will you be tuning in to this week’s episode? Sound off in the comments below.

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