Robyn Levy RHONJ

Robyn Levy A Victim Of Wire Fraud! Exclusive

Wire Fraud Victim!

The new season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey hasn’t begun airing yet, but the women who are on it still have a lot of drama going on in their real lives. Robyn Levy one of the friends of this season, recently went through a bad case of wire fraud! We spoke to a source close to her who dished on what’s going on.

Robyn Levy RHONJ Wire Fraud Exclusive

“A man named Dan Kogl and his girlfriend Samira Naddy, who is also his criminal partner, went around the country taking their so called clients money, staying in their homes, and mooching off of them for free,” the source told us. “Robyn was one of their victims.”
Robyn Levy RHONJ
“They used Robyn and her wife’s money to vacation and travel,” the insider continued, “all while ignoring any inquires regarding business.”
“Robyn finally had enough,” the source added, “and she told them she was going to go to the authorities.”
Robyn Levy RHONJ
The source also detailed that, “Now that the story has begun to break, Dan and Samira are taking down all of their pages, blocking Robyn- and others- from their personal pages, and more. Robyn will be pursuing legal action against them for all of the fraud they have committed.”
We will definitely continue to keep you updated on the progress of this, and hope Robyn is able to recover the money that was stolen from her.
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