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Carla and Karen Embrace Fans, Drita Snubs Them Exclusive

Exclusive Drama!

This past Wednesday night there was an event at which the entire cast of the now cancelled VH1 hit Mob Wives (aside from Renee Graziano) were present. On one side of the room sat Carla FaccioloKaren Gravano, and Marissa Jade. On the other side sat Drita D’AvanzoBrittany Fogarty, and Fogarty’s Mother. A source dished to us about the tension in the air and about who was friendly and who was not. Read on for details.

Carla Karen Embrace Fans Drita Snubs Exclusive

“You could definitely tell that the drama on the show is completely real,” an insider exclusively told us, “as the two sides of the room wanted nothing to do with each other.”

“What’s more,” the source continued, “is that Karen, Carla, and Marissa couldn’t have been nicer about taking photos with their fans. Anyone who stopped by their table they spoke to, were kind to, and took pictures with.”

“However,” our insider added, “when I asked Drita for a photo she ignored me! I tried a few more times, because I was a big fan of hers, but she kept acting like she didn’t hear. Finally, she said to wait a second, and left me standing there. She never came back and I never got my photo!”

“Then,” the source shared, “to top it all off I got pushed aside by Brittany’s Mom! She was extremely rude as well!

The insider wrapped with telling us that, “While I was a fan of all of the women on the show before I went to this party, it’s definitely clear who the nice and real ones are, and who the ones are who think they’re better than everybody else.”

Update: One person- an MTV/Big Brother star- who hung out with Drita at the party have claimed on Twitter that they had a good time with her and she was down to earth/nice.

Tell us- are you surprised to hear what our source told us? Sound off in the comments below.

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