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Adam Lind- I Didn’t Steal A Wallet, Here’s Proof Exclusive

Exclusive Proof!

Earlier today, a story was released alleging that Teen Mom 2 Dad Adam Lind may have stolen a wallet from a stripper at a strip club he “visited.” The story also claims that prior to the alleged theft, Lind had called and specifically requested two strippers. We caught up with Lind exclusively today and he was able to not only dismiss the claims, but offer up messages from the owner of the club also dismissing the claims made in the story. Read on for details.

Adam Lind Wallet Theft Not True Exclusive

Lind told us exclusively that this “all started when my ex Jessica Nicole sold stories about me using steroids and beating her. So I sued her and went to court. I won. And she has to pay me 15,000$ for the settlement.”

“These strippers also are at the same club ‘dancing,’ and  they found who I was and wanted to get their name out there just like Jess did.”

Lind then went on to confirm that, “I did not- nor will I ever steal a dirty stripers wallet … The f**k do I need to do that for?”

“I see another lawsuit coming from this real soon,” he added.

He also offered up two text messages with the owner of the club the women dance at:

Adam Lind Wallet Theft

Adam Lind Wallet Theft

So there you have it- this story was, clearly, not true.

We will keep you posted on any further details that arise.

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