Marie Reyes Leeanne

Marie Reyes- Leeanne Threatened To Kill Me!

“Threatened To Kill Me!”

The Real Housewives of Dallas has been building up each week and it seems like tonight shit is l literally going to hit the fan! What do we mean? Read on for details.

Marie Reyes Leeanne Threatened To Kill Me

In tonight’s episode, we will see the ladies on their cast trip to Austin, Texas. While on the trip, Leeanne Locken finally confronts Marie Reyes over Reyes’s friend repeating a nasty story abbot Locken. The morning after the confrontation, things are still tense.

“I think you and Marie need to talk,” Tiffany Hendra tells Locken in a clip that has leaked from the episode.

“She’s not gonna talk,” Locken responds.

Hendra then says that Reyes is about to “bust out in tears.”

Locken then heads towards Reyes to talk to her, telling her “Me and you have to talk.”

“Are you calm?” Reyes questions her.

“I’m quite peaceful,” Locken responds.

This leads Reyes to say, “You don’t seem like it. You seem kind of agitated.”

Locken then informs Reyes that, “I’m agitated when someone who I’ve done so much for continues to create hell for me.”

“You’re mad at me for something I didn’t do,” Reyes insists, “and then you threaten my life!… You threatened to freaking kill me!”

“Okay, Marie what you think is killing and what I think is killing are two different things,” Locken tells her.

Last week, we exclusively revealed from an insider what really went on that night in the house. Make sure to read that here.

To see all of the explosive drama from the girls’s trip to Austin- and to see how this situation plays out- make sure to tune in tonight!

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