Johnny Karagiorgis Death

Johnny Karagiorgis- I’ll Miss You, My Friend Exclusive

To You, My Friend

When news comes out, you all know that I am typically one of the first sources to report it; however, something that came out over the weekend wasn’t a “news item” to me. When we received a phone call Saturday night to tell us that Johnny Karagiorgis has passed away from a fatal heart attack, that wasn’t “news” to me. Johnny and his wife Penny have been close friends of mine for going on four years now. Upon hearing this news, I began bawling. I immediately left where I was and continued an evening of sobbing.

Johnny Karagiorgis Death Miss You My Friend Exclusive

Since I received this phone call Saturday night, I have been full of sadness, tears, flooded with memories… and in a complete state of shock.
Many of you who read my site think that you know Johnny and Penny from the clips you saw on season 5 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey or bits of fodder and gossip you’ve read on the internet.
Let me be the first to assure you that the people you think you know are not those people at all. Johnny was a father who was the most dedicated man to his children that I have ever seen. He was a husband who loved his wife beyond belief, and was so proud of everything she did in her life. He was a friend who, when the chips were down, was the first person to be there for you. You could count on him for literally anything, and if you needed him, he’d be there in a second. Johnny was a comedian, and you couldn’t help but become engulfed by his infectious laughter and practical jokes anytime you were around him. I can attest to all of these things, because I witnessed each of them firsthand.
Like Johnny, his wife Penny is equally amazing and has a true heart of gold. When I was at one of the lowest points of my life, Johnny and Penny were the two people who were there for me, willing to do whatever it took to help me out, and that is not something you ever forget.
It’s sometimes hard for viewers of reality TV to understand that what you see is sometimes far from what you get, but I can assure you that Johnny was nothing like the character you saw depicted on reality TV. The irony that a new project Johnny was working on was called Legend’s Road is not lost on me, as Johnny himself was a legend that I will forever remember.
I know that many of you have been asking for a comment from me on the situation, and questioning why I haven’t written anything. I was- and am- still in a period of mourning, and am having a truly hard time dealing with the hand life has dealt. Please know that I will be there to support and help Penny and her family in any way that I can.
I’ll wrap up with saying this: please remember that whatever pre-conceptions you had of Johnny from reality TV- whether you believe me or not- they are false, and even if you still want to hold on to them, please take this as a time to keep those thoughts to yourself. Two children have lost their father. A young wife has turned into a widow. And many friends have lost someone that was so close to them. If nothing else, I beg of you to please have respect during this time.
Johnny, wherever you are- and I know it’s somewhere smoking a cigar and laughing it up- I love you, I miss you, and I hope someday, I’ll see you again. 
Until then, my friend, rest in peace.
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