Corey Simms Miranda Simms Divorce

Corey Simms and Miranda Getting Divorced?

Another Teen Mom Divorce?

It seems the cast of Teen Mom 2 always has divorce rumors swirling around them. For Leah Messer‘s first ex-husband, Corey Simms, who is currently married to wife Miranda Simms, these rumors have begun swirling this week. So is there any truth to the fact that Corey and Miranda will be divorcing? Read on for details.

Corey Simms Miranda Simms Divorce Rumors

Recently, a “Corey Simms” Facebook page posted, “Single Dad. Never thought I would do this again.”

When a fan questioned Miranda if this page was legitimate, she responded on Twitter that, “that most definitely is a Fake Facebook. Corey and I have a private FB for only family & close friends!”

While one would think that would put an end to it, divorce rumors began circulating again, leading Miranda to respond to a fan who asked that, “those rumors def aren’t true! We actually celebrated 3 years of marriage yesterday.”

There you have it! We definitely feel like Corey and Miranda are happy together and wish them many more years of happiness.

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