RHOD Stars Twitter War

RHOD Stars Get Into Twitter War! Exclusive

Twitter War!

Twitter wars seem to be a common thing for Real Housewives, so it’s no surprise that it has hit The Real Housewives of Dallas as well. Recently, stars Tiffany Hendra and Brandi Redmond got into it on Twitter in a series of tweets that have now been deleted. We exclusively have them for you below and information as to why they were taken down. Read on for details.

RHOD Stars Twitter War Exclusive

Here are the tweets:

RHOD Stars Twitter War

RHOD Stars Twitter War


As we noted above, the tweets were removed.

A source close to the situation told us that, “Tiffany chose to take the tweets down due to her feeling they were petty.”

Hendra did take to Twitter/Instagram later after deleting the tweets and did apologize for them and told Redmond that she did love her.

We ourselves are currently getting excited for the upcoming finale of The Real Housewives of Dallas and the reunion that will follow. Make sure to tune in this coming Monday at 10 PM.

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