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Exclusive Interview with Mike McGill from TLC’s “Single Dad Seeking”

Exclusive Interview!

One of the hardest jobs, but one of the most rewarding jobs you can have in your lifetime is being a parent, especially being a single parent. Mike McGill is an amazing single Dad that is trying to navigate the world of dating and raising a 5 year old all for the world to see. Mike stars in TLC’s hot new series, Single Dad Seeking which follows the lives of five single fathers working hard to raise their kids while looking for love. This show is so unique because each of these single fathers invite 5 single women, whom they’ve never met in person, to live with them and their families for a summer. We instantly fell in love with Mike and his son Mikey and wanted to catch up with Mike to talk about his experience on the show. Check out our exclusive interview with Mike below!

Mike McGill Single Dad Seeking Exclusive Interview

Q: What made you decide to put your life (specifically your love/family life) on national television? Were you nervous or scared to put your life out there?


A: “I took 2 years off of dating completely when Mikey started preschool and up until he finished kindergarten. When I got approached by the show  I already had it in my mind that I was ready to start dating. I was nervous about showing my life on national TV but then I was super nervous when I realized it was played worldwide.”


Q: How did they pick Valene for you? Did you get to pick her yourself or did they match you up?


A: “They actually didn’t do any of the picking at all. We went through a Matchmaker and we were each other’s top matches. Everything just really clicked.”


Q: How did you feel about moving in with Valene before you even met her in person? How did your family/friends feel about it?


A: “I wasn’t too nervous about having Valene move in with us for the summer. It’s 2016 and there’s really no guidelines to dating and it’s all based on morals. I think the big misconception with the show is that everyone focuses on that we didn’t know each other before. I see it differently because I did know her. We did communicate a lot so it’s not like I brought a complete stranger into the house. I guess you can go on like fifty coffee dates and actually physically meet someone, but  my way about it was that I went through video chat and text messages.”


My Dad is very traditional and he definitely has a different way of thinking about things then I do. He also knows that I want happiness for my son and I, and he knows that I would never put my son in jeopardy. He’s always had my back. Now my friends all thought I was crazy. They trusted me with it, but they sure poked fun at me every chance they could with it. My friends are my family and we got together to watch the first episode, and they all thought I made the right decision. They were really happy for me.”


Q: How does Mikey feel about being on television? Did he enjoy having producers & a film crew around? On the show, he seems like he really loves it & had a lot of fun!


A: As far as being on television, it really doesn’t affect him. He watches bits and pieces of it, but I definitely shield him and choose what parts he gets to watch of it since it is an adult TV show. He did watch the whole first episode and he was actually hiding behind the couch because my brothers were making him laugh about it. As far as the production crew, it’s sometimes a really high stress environment to make everything happen and for them to take the time to make my son and myself as comfortable as we could be, it was actually really amazing to see. Within hours we didn’t even realize we there yet. They honestly became family after the first week of being together. We argued like family, we came up with solutions like family, and we ate together like family. It was honestly the most positive way of going about it. We got really lucky.”


Q: What was going through your head when you met Valene in person for the first time?


A: “When she knocked on the door, it was like everything was in slow motion for me. My whole thought process was don’t stutter and don’t say anything stupid. I was trying to play it as cool as I could and Mikey didn’t make that easy for me because he was pointing out that I was nervous the whole time. I was excited, nervous, and scared all at the same time.”


Q: Watching the show, do you think Valene really wanted to get to know Mikey or do you think she was just attracted to you?


A: She’s a very blunt person and unfortunately our society says they want that in a person, but they really don’t like hearing the truth. She was amazing to my son and they were great together. It frustrates me to see people say that about her and It’s hard to see people say what they say when they’re basing it off of one part that they see.”


Q: A lot of people have been very viscous on social media towards Valene and believe you can do much better than her. What do you think about that?


A: “I do value everyone’s opinion whether it’s good or bad, and I do see everyone’s side with this.  I think people jump the gun a lot, but we put ourselves out there for them and we’re gonna get criticized. I do think she’s getting it a little brutal on social media, and I also never realized the power of social media before doing this. People are gonna form their opinion no matter what you do, but she’s an amazing person and people just don’t get to see that yet. I never regret anything and she was amazing to have around. I promise you that anyone that would spend a day with her would have a lot of fun. I honestly think that coming up everyone will see the side of her that I see and that my son sees. I do wish people would back off of her and stop being so hard on her.”


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