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Peter Thomas To Be On RHOA Season 9?

Back This Season?

It is not news to fans of The Real Housewives of Atlanta that Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas have been having marital problems. In fact, Bailey recently confirmed the pair are separated (read about that here). After posting a quote on Instagram that fans and bloggers immediately dissected, Thomas took to his Instagram to post a video where he not only addressed his critics, but also confirmed he’s coming back for season 9 of RHOA. Read on for details.

Peter Thomas RHOA Season 9 Coming Back

“Yesterday I put out a positive quote,” Thomas started the video with saying. “It might be negative to a lot of people who think negative. But people waver back and forth that can’t make up they mind. And the media, some of you bloggers- you know who you are, okay, wanna put one and one together and make it about me and my wife.”

“That’s now how we do our business,” he continued. “You watch us for six years. We have never done our business like that. Okay, we’re grown people that respect and love each other. So you’ll never see the kind of negative shit play out about our life on social media. It will never happen. So get that.

If I have anything to say to my wife it’s private and y’all don’t have nothing to do it,” Thomas wrapped with saying. “I was gonna give you the finger, but she’ll get mad at me for doing that, so bye bye.”

While Thomas didn’t say anything about season 9 directly there, he captioned the video with “Come on haters, I am waiting for you, season 9, let’s go,” clearly confirming he and Bailey will be back for the new season of the show.

Here is the video:

Come on haters, I am waiting for you, season 9, let’s go.

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Tell us- are you surprised to hear Thomas and his wife will be back? Sound off in the comments below.

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