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Jersey Jess- Lila Is Delusional Exclusive

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Little Women NY star Jersey Jess has been blogging this season for us. Below are her thoughts on the sixth episode. Make sure to let us know what you think!

Jersey Jess Lila Call Delusional Exclusive

Holy bananas! This week’s episode was stressful! Last week, we ended with Katie having to rush to the doctor for a last minute ultrasound, Jason and Jazz helping me rush to successfully get the baby shower ready, (invited) guests arriving and one uninvited guest causing a scene.

“Katie doesn’t want her here!” I yell after telling Lila she needs to leave and watching her ignore me, sitting her unwanted ass on my couch. Is this chick for real?! Apparently. I couldn’t take it. I needed to get away from Lila and obviously she wasn’t going anywhere so I decided to leave my own party just to save my sanity.

Jason points out to Lila how similar this situation is to when he INVITED Terra to their apartment and Lila wanted Terra to leave. Which Terra did leave, BTW. When Lila claims there is a huge difference, Jason is officially annoyed. She’s not only officially delusional and doesn’t see the similarities but also feels the need to put me down to validate herself. Anyone else seeing a theme here?

“Jess is young, Jess is a boozer, and Jess’s apartment is trashed from what I hear.” Jazz cuts Lila off and tells her she shouldn’t be trash-talking me in my own apartment. Hello, She shouldn’t be in my apartment, period. While Jason is sticking up for me and himself, he uses the term “boo boo,” as he usually does, and all of a sudden, Lila has a problem with this phrase and claims it is condescending (AKA let’s turn the focus on you being wrong.)

After realizing that I’d just let Lila remove me from my own party for my BFF, I return, but the first thing I do is pour myself some whiskey. CAN YOU BLAME ME?! Lila says from experience that Whiskey is not a helper… Well, apparently you weren’t doing it right because it’s definitely helping me!

Katie and PJ return from the ultrasound and Katie is shocked to see Lila at her shower. Lila is shocked Katie didn’t acknowledge her when she walked in and thinks Katie is being kind of rude. Really?!?! I take Katie aside into her room and explain that I tried to get Lila out but that she wants to “extend an olive branch.” Katie says Lila “can take that olive branch and shove it up her ass,” but we decide to just suck it up and survive the next hour.

After we rejoin the party, Dawn asks PJ if he’s ready to be a father, and he replies that he is because “I stay ready. Just being the person I am.” Yeah… I got nothing.

Jason turns the attention to reason we are here, THE BABY, and asks how the doctors went. Katie informs everyone that the baby is healthy and weighs 6lbs. Yay!! Now it’s time for gifts. With all the stress Katie has been under, I decide to get her a couple of gag gifts: tampons, ear plugs and a douche! Lila, who always has to draw attention to herself, grabs the douche, reads it, and informs Katie that douches aren’t good and that neither are the ear plugs because…how will hear the baby? Seriously?! When do you stop?!

Lila decides to take Katie aside and tell her that she knows she was not invited but she is sorry for anything she has done. She’s also sorry she is here without Katie’s blessing (not sorry enough to care though) but she wants to be there for her because she is so worried about her. Lila doesn’t want Katie to let me stop them from getting to know each other. She feels like I’m Katie’s gatekeeper but she is not afraid of me! (Obviously. You’re still here!) Lila points out that I am drinking Jameson at the moment and this turns into a concern about me drinking while taking care of the baby. Well, that escalated quickly. Katie informs Lila she isn’t worried about me and I deserve a drink after putting this all together.

Finally, the party is over and it’s time for everyone to GET OUT OF MY APARTMENT!

The next day, Jazz and Jason are cleaning up their place and she asks him how he’s feeling about the shower and his confrontation with Lila. Jason just wanted everyone to get along but he just doesn’t understand how Lila doesn’t see the similarities. Lila busts in from the other room claiming the walls are thin and she can totally hear them. They weren’t trying to be low key. Lila, again, claims the situation with Terra was completely different. Terra did not come with good intentions to make her life any better but she was coming to help Katie and be there for the baby. Jason points out Terra was coming to support and be there for him. AND WAS ACTUALLY INVITED! Jason and Lila go back and forth and it ends with Lila claiming it’s none of his business because it was between me and her. Lila continues to clean the pubes out of the bathroom and it’s a mystery if they’re Jason’s or one of the random dudes Lila has had over. Whose house is ‘filthy?!’

Jason gets a break from the drama and has dinner with his boyfriend, DJ. They talk about how hard it is with Jason living in the city and DJ living in Connecticut. DJ asks if he ever gets tired of all the drama and fighting and if he’s thought about getting away from it by moving in with him? This is a big deal to Jason and he asks DJ what would happen if he said he didn’t want to move? DJ simply says then it will continue to be long distance until one of them makes the plunge. Jason has a lot to think about.

Meanwhile, Katie and PJ realize they are about to have a baby and head to a baby prep class. The teacher shows them how to swaddle, burp the baby, etc. They both seem to know what they’re doing. Then the teacher asks how prepared everyone is in regards to baby gear. Apparently, Katie and PJ are not prepared seeing as though they only have a bassinet. Katie starts to freak out, realizing how unprepared they are and how they’re going to pay for everything. PJ says not to worry because the man upstairs will take care of everything. Ummm, does he supply diapers?

Dawn’s friend Doris, who is also a little person, is in town visiting and she wants to meet Lila. It turns out that Doris is also a paralegal. Not all paralegals are bad…right? Lila immediately asks about Doris’s personal life and if she is single – she is. Lila gives Doris some single tips like the fact that you can have a random man show up at your house in as little as ten minutes with dating apps. She goes into way more details than I would prefer to repeat about a date she had last night with a 6’4 man who had big hands and smacked her ass. Barf. Dawn is appalled and thinks guys would take Lila more seriously if they met for coffee. Lila is not looking for coffee and clearly found what she was looking for. Lila is curious… what came first, Dawn’s frigidness from not getting laid or not getting laid because of her frigidness?

Lila and Dawn, then, meet Katie’s mom Kathie for lunch because they want to completely overstep help. Kathie, not realizing she is giving them ammunition, explains how it’s starting to get a little crowded in my apartment and she and PJ are butting heads. Dawn says, based on her judgement, their relationship doesn’t seem equal and PJ isn’t ready to be a dad. Lila says the reason she “pushed her way into the baby shower” (her words, not mine) is because of the fact that they’re not prepared. Kathie, possibly realizing their ill intentions, asks “is anyone super prepared?” It comes out that Kathie is helping them financially even though PJ is in his 40s. This concerns Dawn and Lila and they decide it’s their place to tell Katie this. Lila tells Kathie they will talk to Katie and see what her plans are within an appropriate setting, using appropriate language (how do you think that one works out?).

Jason video chats with his brother and tells him how DJ wants him to move to Connecticut. Jason knows his mom accepts him but she is also concerned about how the outside world will treat him. Both gay men and little people have struggles within our society and the (some) douche bags that are in it, so his mother worries. The Filipino culture is very conservative and he doesn’t want to add stress to his parents by moving in with DJ. Jason has to worry about his, DJ’s and his parent’s wants and needs. Sounds exhausting, my love! Jason starts getting emotional about this stress and he is concerned if he doesn’t move forward with DJ, he may end up leaving him. His brother, who is cute btw, advises Jason that although he knows it was difficult to find a stable relationship, this is also his first relationship and if DJ wants to be with him then he needs to understand that he may need to wait a little bit.

Next, Jazz invites me to work out with her and her personal trainer. In the words of Jazz, she hopes I’m ready to get my ass kicked. No. I was not ready!! Although I almost died, it was nice to relieve some stress and have a drama free afternoon. Jazz asks how everything is going and if I’m ready for the baby. I tell her about how it’s definitely hard especially because PJ and I butt heads a lot. I haven’t talked to Katie yet about what’s going to happen once the baby is born but she is confident that PJ is going to be a good dad. Jazz starts pointing out how having a baby is not only going to be a lot but it also is going to cramp my dating/social life. This is too much to think about! One day at a time…

Lila and Dawn meet Katie at a laundromat to help wash baby clothes. They also want to take this opportunity to show Katie what genuine, concerned good friends they are. This is obvious as Lila asks Dawn “Are you ready to school a lady on how to get her priorities straight?” I wish all my friends were that sweet! They walk in and Katie immediately tells them how uncomfortable she is but she appreciates their help. Lila and Dawn tell Katie to sit down and they’ll do the laundry. Awww. Dawn asks out of judgement concern if they’ve gotten everything they need for the baby? Lila asks if she is feeling rushed? Katie says that now that her mom is in town she feels a lot better. Dawn brings up the fact that they went behind her back to lunch with Kathie and that Kathie voiced her concerns for Katie and Kinzley’s wellbeing. Dawn gets the feeling that PJ isn’t there for her and doesn’t help her at all. Katie realizes these girls aren’t there to help her but instead to lecture her and she needs to stay calm before she loses it.

Katie loses it. She informs them they don’t know PJ, that she does and that she loves him. Dawn, of course takes this moment to act superior and ask Katie if she feels like she is really being honest with herself when it comes to PJ? Katie starts to get emotional and tells them she always wanted a boyfriend, always wanted to fit in and be accepted and PJ has accepted her from day one even when they were just friends. She finally has someone in her life and people are just constantly trying to figure out what is wrong with him. Maybe he isn’t the perfect guy but he is the perfect guy for her. So everyone else can suck it! Dawn goes on to question PJ’s job/financial situation (that’s all that matters in life, remember) and points out that his music ‘career’ is just a dream. Dawn feels bad for Katie, Kinzley and Kathy. Funny. She has done nothing but judge and do laundry to “help” though. Katie is over this conversation and them constantly nitpicking and decides maybe this is why they’re single. Dawn responds that maybe they’re single because they have high standards. Anyone else notice that insult?

Katie points out neither of these girls know PJ and she’s getting f%#cking tired of them getting into her business. She starts to walk out while stating “I hate both of you people, I really do!” And she just wants to go home. Lila and Dawn chase her out. Of course they do! Katie is begging them to leave her alone and not touch her. So what do they do? Continue to crowd her and literally hanging on her while reminding her that “the reality is, PJ needs to step up to the plate.” I. Cant. Even. Finally they back off which gives Katie enough time to realize that she is possibly in labor. Katie calls her mom crying and tells her these pains she is having are different than any other she has had before. Her mom suggests she goes to the hospital. Katie, Kathie, PJ and I head to the hospital, which was such a difficult ride for Katie and for us as we watched her in so much pain.

Katie tells us all how the girls stressed her out by sharing their concerns about PJ. PJ asks what their concerns are, to which Katie replies “I’m sure my mom has a lot to say about that one.” I can tell Katie is about to lose it again, on Kathie, so I try and calm her down so she doesn’t have this baby in a NYC cab. Katie tells her mom “I’m glad you’re here, I just wish you would keep your mouth shut.” Kathie reassures Katie that she loves her.

We finally arrive at the hospital to see if this baby really will be coming today…

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