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Thomas Ravenel Dinner Party Behavior Explained Exclusive

Explosive Episode!

Everyone is still recovering from the explosive episode of Southern Charm that aired this week. On the episode, fans saw Thomas Ravenel get extremely upset at his cast mates during a dinner party he was hosting. We spoke exclusively to a friend of Ravenel’s (who asked not to be named), who gave us more of the backstory on the dinner party. What did they have to say? Read on for more details.

Thomas Ravenel Southern Charm Dinner Party Explained Exclusive

There were a lot of emotions that Thomas should have sat on,” his friend exclusively told us. “I think had he sat on them- they were feelings to be felt but not to be acted upon. Thomas had lots of feelings that were bad and negative, which ended up creating negative and bad actions. Had he waited and thought about it,  some of those feelings would have shifted and he would have gained some clarity and his actions would have been different.”

That’s not to say his friend thinks Ravenel was in the wrong for speaking up, though, as they told us that, “Thomas was going to say what he was going to say.”

Everything the other cast members were saying had some legitimacy because Thomas and Kathryn were on-again-off-again,” his friend added. “He was continually biting his tongue and swallowing these emotions, and basically sandbagged everyone at the dinner party. He let it erupt and had a meltdown, but with all he was dealing with, who can really blame him?”

“Thomas is a good guy,” the friend added, “and was aware he did a bad thing. The next day he called and apologized, and wants nothing more than to move on from that night.”

Southern Charm still has a few episodes left, so we will definitely get to see the aftermath of that evening play out. Stay tuned for more of our conversation with Ravenel’s friend coming soon.

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