Jules Wainstein Divorce

Jules’s Husband Breaks Silence On Divorce!

Opening Up!

Real Housewives of New York City star Jules Wainstein shocked fans this week when she announced she was divorcing her husband, Michael, amidst catching him cheating (read about that here). Fans were equally surprised yesterday morning when she called the cops to her house (read about that here) on her soon to be ex-husband. Now, Michael has released a statement via his representative and he’s saying some pretty explosive things! Read on for details.

Jules Wainstein Divorce Husband Michael Speaks

Michael’s representative/lawyer, Mark Jay Heller, said in a statement to Page Six that Jules’s “‘reality show persona’ has caused her to morph into a wannabe ‘drama queen’ who is totally out of sync with reality to the grave detriment of her long-suffering husband, who no longer chooses to be her foil and assume the role of ‘drama king.’”

“The marriage is over!” Heller confirmed, “but, not due to any fault [of Michael] who was not ‘busted’ for cheating.”

“Although Julianne was served with divorce papers dated May 13 … she has not even answered the complaint, let alone alleged adultery,” he added.


And what about yesterday’s cop calling incident?

Heller detailed that, “She regularly calls the police with false allegations, and the police arrive and find there was no incident. She is trying to create an incident to get him arrested so she can get an order of protection and get exclusive occupancy of the house for herself. That’s a tactic that some women use … This is a tactic she is using to enhance the drama.”

We have a feeling this is NOT the last of the stories about the Wainstein’s divorce- which we confirmed was announced a month ago (read about that here)- so stay tuned.

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