Heidi Dillon Talks Dallas Drama & Who She REALLY Is! EXCLUSIVE

The first season The Real Housewives of Dallas was definitely one of the most dramatic seasons the housewives franchise has seen in awhile. We met a lot of interesting people this season, but one of the most interesting people was a very familiar face to reality TV fans and her name is Heidi Dillon. Fans may remember Heidi from The Style Network’s hit series Big Rich Texas, where she appeared alongside longtime friend and Dallas Housewife, LeeAnne Locken. Even though fans saw a bit of Heidi this season, they really never showed her real everyday life and who she truly is. We decided to catch up with Dillon to discuss all the drama in Dallas and learn more about the REAL Heidi Dillon.


Fans may have got a tiny glimpse into Heidi’s Dillon life this season, but it definitely does not do this amazing woman justice! If you follow Heidi on social media, you know that she wears many different hats. From a producer and talent manager, to a makeup artist and musician… she does it all! Heidi also has an amazing heart and has given her time and talents to many different charities over the years. “I continue to be involved in the Dallas charity world. I pick and choose what I want to be involved with. It has to be something i’m passionate about which is always in the art or fashion realm”, Heidi shared with us. The most important role that Heidi plays is being a wife and mother to her two sons, Dallas and Michael. Heidi adopted Michael after his Father passed away in February and she is so proud of both of her boys who just graduated high school and will be attending college in the fall.


Heidi definitely doesn’t shy away from speaking her mind, but despite what fans of the show might think, she’s really not a drama queen. After watching the show, viewers believe that Heidi had a major problem with Cary Deuber, but that’s simply not the case. She tells us that, “LeeAnne actually misspoke… I had never heard of the Dueber’s before this. I don’t know Mark’s ex-wife… I don’t even know her name. LeeAnne has another friend that is friends with his ex, so I think she just got confused. I really don’t care how anyone gets their husband! When I made the comment about women getting their husband by being on their knees and under their desk, that was general shade. It wasn’t directed towards Cary at all. I really don’t have any beef with Cary at all.”


Heidi shared with us that she actually doesn’t have a problem with any of the Dallas housewives, except Marie Reyes, who actually used to be a pretty good friend of Dillon’s. Heidi shared exclusively with us that their friendship was fractured when Marie told the rest of the cast and the producers that Heidi filed a restraining order against Cary after the gothic state fair party. Heidi responded to Marie’s accusations by stating, “That’s a completely ridiculous lie! One, when you have a restraining order against you, you’re served papers. Second, there’s no reason why I would file a restraining order against Cary. The only reason that I could think that Marie would fabricate this is that if everyone thought I had a restraining order against Cary, they wouldn’t have me film anymore scenes. I thought Marie and I were friends and she told this outright lie! I’m furious with her. Furthermore, Marie has been on social media stating that she never told the poop story about LeeAnne to Taylor, but Taylor actually told me personally that he heard that story from Marie. I’ve only known her to be this lovely and professional person and i’ve never seen her lie like this. ”


Heidi also weighed in on her longtime friend LeeAnne and the backlash she’s gotten for her behavior this season saying that, “The LeeAnne that I know is generous, has the biggest heart, and she will do anything for anyone.I have not met anyone who is more genuinely passionate about the causes she devotes her time and energy to. LeeAnne has had my back more times than I can count. This girl is so loyal and true to her friends, and that’s the kind of person that I want to be friends with.”


Heidi may have a hard exterior, but once you get to know her… she’s one of the sweetest people with the biggest heart! Heidi doesn’t know what the future holds as far as her time on reality TV, but she definitely has a lot going on! You can always follow her  on social media:


Twitter: @heididillon

Instagram: @heididillon_hfd

Website: heididillon.com