Thomas Ravenel Children

Thomas Ravenel Wants To Co-Parent Exclusive

“Wants The Best!”

Recently, we spoke to a friend of Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel, who dished on his infamous dinner party that aired last week (read about that here). In our conversation with Ravenel’s friend, he also dished on Ravenel’s custody battle with Kathryn Dennis. What did his friend have to say?

Thomas Ravenel Children Wants To Co Parent Exclusive

Ravenel’s friend explained that, “As much as Thomas has had issues with Kathryn, he respects that she is the mother of his children. He is in no way, shape, or form trying to defame her or make her look bad, regardless of what reports about her have surfaced in recent weeks.”
“Unfortunately, though,” his friend continued, “Kathryn has tried to make him look bad, even going as far as trying to perpetuate he’s held up trying to pay her for child support.”
This couldn’t be further from the truth,” his friend confirmed, “as Thomas wants nothing more than the issues the pair have to go away so they can effectively co-parent. His lawyers have reached out to Kathryn’s asking what they want in terms of child support, but their side never seems able to finalize or describe what they want.”
“In addition,” his friend added, “Kathryn trying to put out there that Thomas hasn’t tried to see his children is a lie, as they have a no  contact order, so  he can’t reach out to her. As is evidenced by his social media, he clearly sees his children and enjoys spending time with them and taking them out to experience the world.”
Ravenel’s friend wrapped with telling us that, “Again, all Thomas wants is to effectively co-parent with Kathryn. He did not have a healthy relationship with her as a couple, but truly hopes in his heart he can have a healthy relationship with her as a co-parent, as he feels this is  what is best for his children, whom he cares for deeply.”
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