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Shannon Beador- Vicki Doesn’t Take Accountability

No Accountability!

Last night, the eleventh season of The Real Housewives of Orange County premiered (see the full season trailer here). After the show, Shannon Beador did a Facebook Live chat with her fans where shea addressed why she is acting the way she is towards Vicki Gunvalson. What did she have to say?

Shannon Beador Vicki Doesn’t Take Accountability

On the issue of Gunvalson, Beador said, “I have moved on. The problem that I’m having is that Vicki doesn’t take accountability for what happened last season. I didn’t think about her for a second after the reunion until we started filming again.”

“It really bothers me when people say move on like I’ve been obsessed with it or I think about it every minute,” Beador continued. “I don’t… We don’t have a friendship.”


“People ask me how could you forgive your husband and not forgive Vicki?” she added. “There’s a lot of differences between that. Number one, I have three children with David and number two he was accountable for what happened and he was remorseful for what happened. There’s the difference. We haven’t seen that with Vicki at all.”

Beador still had more to say, detailing that, “I have moved on… but… I say this later on in the season… fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me ten times shame on me. How many times am I going to put myself in the same position and have her do the same thing? All I can say is that if you keep watching the season, you might be saying Shannon that was a smart decision to make.”

“I’ve forgiven her,” Beador wrapped with saying, “but I don’t want to be her friend… I don’t want to be a close friend to her anymore. And I’m entitled to make that decision because she wasn’t kind to me… I think when it come to Vicki, you will see I didn’t make a mistake.”

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