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Vicki Still Talking To Brooks And Still Wants Him Exclusive

Shameful Sham!

Last night, Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson  appeared on Watch What Happens Live. When the topic of her  ex Brooks Ayers was brought up, she claimed she had not spoken to him in quite some time. When Andy Cohen questioned that she had said she blocked him, Gunvalson responded that she blocked him, then unblocked him, then blocked him again, indicating there was a cycle. We have exclusively learned from a source in production that Gunvalson absolutely has been speaking to Ayers, even as recently as last week! Read on for details.

Vicki Gunvalson Brooks Ayers Still Talking Exclusive

“Brooks and Vicki are absolutely still in communication,” our insider told us.

“In fact, last week, they had MULTIPLE phone conversations,” the source continued.

While the insider didn’t known a ton about what the topics of those conversations were, they- along with a few others- were able to confirm that “Regardless of what Vicki is putting out in the press, she absolutely wants Brooks back and has told him that herself.”

Last night’s episode was interesting, especially with Heather Dubrow bringing up her husband Terry‘s health scare and how they kept it private.


“Brooks never wanted his cancer diagnosis to be part of the show,” our source explained, “and he in fact begged Vicki NOT to bring it up with the women and to keep what was going on with him private.”

“However,” they added, “Vicki told Brooks it would make her daughter and the other women more sympathetic to him/nicer to him, so she went against his requests and brought it up anyway.”

The source also noted that “Vicki is the one who pushed Brooks to show medical records, which was again something he did NOT want to do. This is why he ended up fabricating the one document, because he did not want to have to deal with his personal medical information being fodder for the show.”

Our insider wrapped with telling us that, “This is not the first time Vicki has lied and it will not be the last. She really should just start telling the truth, as it would be much easier to just be honest; however, that wouldn’t fit with who she is and the dramatic life she likes to lead.”

Tell us- are you shocked to learn the pair are still communicating? Sound off in the comments below.

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