Briana Renee Baby

Briana Renee Gives Birth!


Little Women LA star Briana Renee has had a rough few months, especially with ending up in the hospital a few months ago for pre-mature labor (read about that here). Now, according to TMZ, Renee has given birth! Get details below.

Briana Renee Baby Born

According to the report, Renee gave birth to a baby boy.

Insiders close to the couple dished that the birth occurred yesterday at a hospital in San Diego.

Their baby, according to the report, weighted in at 5 pounds, 3 ounces. While they have not released a name yet, TMZ claims that everything went well with the birth of their baby, even though this was still 4.5 weeks earlier than expected.

While there definitely has been a lot of controversy surrounding Renee and her choice of father in this baby, we do wish her and the baby well. We are thrilled to hear that things went well in terms of the birth and will keep you posted when we hear more details.

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