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Danielle Staub and Kelly Ripa BFF? Exclusive


Former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub has been caught in her share of lies before- including her engagement (read about that here)- so the following exclusive information we obtained is of no surprise to us. Staub recently took to to Instagram to share the above photo of her and Ripa, writing, “#funfact @kellyripa and I were very close friends she would come to my house every weekend our kids went to school together #appleMontessori …where did time go.” We reached out to sources close to Ripa to see if there was any truth to Staub’s claim the pair were “close friends.” What did we exclusively find out?

Danielle Staub Kelly Ripa BFF? Exclusive

According to the source we spoke to, “Danielle and Kelly are definitely NOT close friends.”

So what’s with the picture?

Our insider dished that, “It is true that Kelly and Danielle’s kids went to the same Montessori school.”

“That being said,” they continued, “they saw each other at a mutual birthday party their children were attending, and Danielle asked for the picture.”

Our source wrapped with confirming, “I can assure you, they were not close friends.”

Reading through the Instagram comments on Staub’s page, one person asked why we hadn’t heard this until now and another commented she should co-host with Ripa on her show. It does seem convenient that Staub would post this photo when Ripa has been searching for a permanent co-host for her show; however, we would put a high wager on the fact that Staub will not be co-hosting and certainly will not be a permanent co-host.

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