Gretchen Rossi Future Mother In Law

Gretchen Rossi’s Future Mother-In-Law Slams Bravo

Not Happy!

Two weeks ago, Bravo aired a special about season 8 of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Due to the way Gretchen Rossi felt she was portrayed on that special, she challenged Bravo to air all the footage (read about that here) and got into some drama with one of her prior cast mates (read about that here). Now, Rossi’s fiance’s Mom has blasted Bravo in an explosive email circulating to the press. What has she said?

Gretchen Rossi’s Future Mother-In-Law Slams Bravo

Rossi’s fiance’s Mom specifically took issue with the comments made about Rossi and Slade Smiley‘s engagement, writing, “I am the mother-in-Law (to be) of Gretchen Rossi, and mother of Slade Smiley. I am sending you this email directly and have every intention of copying it to all of the media outlets that have posted negative articles about the kid’s engagement.”

“I am an avid viewer of Bravo and not naive to the fact that the shows are edited for dramatic entertainment purposes; but this time Bravo have gone too far,” she continued. “After watching the Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8 Uncensored Special this past Monday night, you should be ashamed of yourself for the deceptive way you portrayed Gretchen & Slade and their beautiful engagement.”

“More than 35 of their closest friends and family who attended the engagement party would happily debunk your claim about them just waiting for a wedding special [to film it],” she added.

She also stated that, “I am also personally aware and have seen the emails from your producers who did not want the other housewives attending the engagement party because it did not match with ‘the storyline.’ Why would your team lie and say otherwise?”

It should be noted that since the original airing of the episode, Bravo has edited out certain comments about Rossi’s engagement.

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