Mike Shouhed Jessica Parido

Jessica Parido BLASTS Mike Shouhed On Social Media!

A Liar, A Cheater…

This season of Shahs of Sunset has revolved a good deal around Mike Shouhed and Jessica Parido‘s marital problems. Recently on the show, Parido outed that Shouhed cheated on her. While he did deny it, last night on Watch What Happens Live he did admit to “one affair” prior to his engagement. Parido took to social media to blast Shouhed. What did she have to say? Read on for details.

Jessica Parido Mike Shouhed A Cheater and Liar

Thank you God for giving me the strength to leave his lying cheating ass when I did,” Pardio tweeted. “I will give my ALL to the man that deserves it one day.”

“One thing is for certain,” she continued, “the man has zero standards. Come one! Come All! It’s fair game everyone!”

“#sharingiscaring,” she added, “#exceptwhenitsyourD*ck.”

She then wrapped with saying that, “I would be crying if I lost me too.”

While Shouhed had previously said he thought he’d get back with her (read about that here), it definitely doesn’t sound like that will ever be happening.

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