Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Cast Fired

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta ENTIRE Cast Fired? Exclusive Details

Cleaning House!

While reality shows tend to make cast changes from season to season, we were shocked to learn today that VH1 had reportedly wiped house by firing the entire cast of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. So is this true? Read on for exclusive details.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Cast Fired Exclusive Details

According to a Media Take Out exclusive report, an insider dished that “the entire cast was given their pink slips last week” after their bad behavior at the reunion.

The source also added that VH1 would not give any of the cast members spin-off shows and that they would be re-casting the entire show.

We spoke to a close source to production who told us that, “This is absolutely 100% not true.”

“It’s laughable,” they added, “as the reunion wasn’t even filmed yet.”

We’re happy to hear this is not true, as we like the current cast, and also would have been shocked to see a network do a firing of that magnitude for a show with such a major following.

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