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Marie Reyes Responds To Heidi Dillon Exclusive

Exclusive Response!

Recently, we talked to Heidi Dillon about the drama that occurred on The Real Housewives of Dallas (read that here). Today, we were contacted by a representative for friend of the Housewives Marie Reyes, who shared her response to our story. What did Reyes have to say? Read on for details.

Marie Reyes Heidi Dillon Story Response Exclusive

Here is Reyes’s statement:

Shortly after the cast trip to Austin I received a phone call from Heidi Dillon on my office land line. I was gloved and injecting a patient. My receptionist asked me to step out of the appointment because, in her opinion, it sounded urgent.

Heidi sounded pretty upset. She said she heard from another cast mate that Cary had made disparaging comments about her during the weekend in Austin. She also mentioned that Cary was less than warm towards her at the Gothic State Fair party.  Heidi said she wouldn’t tolerate slanderous statements and if push came to shove, she would file a restraining order against Cary.

I told Heidi that I didn’t hear any of the alleged conversation she mentioned on the phone that day. I also mentioned that Cary shared with me that she felt uncomfortable while attending Heidi’s party. At that time, Cary didn’t know Heidi well but knew that Heidi’s son went to the same private school as Cary’s step-children. Cary didn’t know if Heidi and Mark‘s ex-wife were friends or how Heidi felt about her.

Heidi’s mood changed right away. She told me she was not friends with Mark’s ex and that if I talked to Cary to please let her know she was not friends with Mark’s ex and she would never stoop so low as to involve the kids. I told Heidi I never heard any of this alleged slanderous conversation. She seemed calmer after hearing that and we hung up.

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