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Thomas Went On Valentine’s Trip With Landon?

Valentine’s Day Trip?

Tonight, all of the drama from the third season of Southern Charm comes to a head when the cast reunites for the first part of the reunion. In a clip that has leaked from tonight, Kathryn Dennis claims that Thomas Ravenel went on a “Valentine’s Day trip” with Landon Clements. So is there any truth to that? Read on for details.

Thomas Ravenel Landon Clements Valentines Day Trip

On the clip from the reunion, Dennis says to Clements, “You went on the trip for Valentine’s Day that Thomas and I had planned for each other.”

I didn’t know that,” Clements responds.

When Ravenel tries to say no, Dennis says, “Thomas, don’t you dare lie about what happened.”

We were separated,” Ravenel then explains. “She made in no uncertain terms that I want my own bedroom. I said you have your own bedroom. That she made very clear. Don’t even try.”

Dennis then says that “I’m not paranoid. I know that they hooked up.”

“We did not,” Ravenel retorts.

It never happened,” Clements echoes. “We never hooked up. I’m sorry you don’t believe me.”

Here is a preview of the clip:


We will definitely be tuning in to tonight’s reunion, as it certainly look like it’s going to be a dramatic one!

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