Javi Marroquin Deployment

Javi Returning Home- Will Him and Kail Fix Their Marriage?

Coming Home!

For quite some time now, Javi Marroquin has been deployed (read more about that here). While rumors have been floating for a while that wife Kailyn Lowry and him could possibly fix their marriage (read more about that here), he is now preparing to return from his deployment according to a new Radar Online exclusive report. Could his return help with their marital problems/rumored impending divorce? Read on for details!

Javi Marroquin Deployment Returning Home Marital Problems

A source dished to Radar that when Marroquin returns, which they said should be “very soon,” “his first priority is seeing his family and spending time with the boys.”

Then, they explained, “Javi and Kail are planning on spending time together as a family to see if their relationship can be fixed.”

“He also has plans to do a couple of things with Peach and friends like concerts, mini vacations and sporting events,” Radar’s insider added.

Another source added that, “They are trying to work their issues out and stay together. I think they both need to work on many aspects of their relationship. There are a lot of control and anger issues at play.”

Whatever Lowry and Marroquin end up deciding in terms of their relationship, we hope that it is the right decision for them and wish them both well.

Tell us- do you think the pair will stay together? Sound off in the comments below.

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