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Shannon Beador Talks “Obsession” With Vicki

(Not) Obsessed!

Since The Real Housewives of Orange County began last week, a hot topic of conversation has, once again, been Vicki Gunvalson. As fans of the show remember, Gunvalson did not leave on good terms with any of the ladies last year. Shannon Beador, who already talked about Gunvalson’s lack of taking accountability (read about that here) has been hearing from both sides of fans- ones who support her decision to not rekindle a friendship with Gunvalson and ones who think she should “get over” what went on last year. Beador took to her blog to address this. What did she have to say?

Shannon Beador Vicki Gunvalson Obsession

“It’s been an interesting week, especially on social media,” Beador began. “People have been supporting my decisions and then others have been blasting me for ‘not moving on’ with the Vicki situation.”

“Newsflash,” Beador continued. “I am continually asked how I feel about Vicki.”

“I answer the questions,” Beador explained, and then went on to clarify that, “I am not obsessed with Vicki. I have forgiven and don’t want to engage in a friendship anymore. It’s plain and simple.”

We totally understand what Beador is saying here, as interviewers would tend to ask questions about what happened last season and where things stand, and Beador is only doing her job by answering them.

Tell us- what do you think of what Beador said? Sound off in the comments below.

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