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Vicki Angry With Tamra Even Though Vicki’s Talking About Her!


While we recently reported that Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson is on a smear campaign against co-star Tamra Judge  (read about that here), Gunvalson has been playing the victim and calling Judge out for talking about her. Below, we examine all of the comments Gunvalson has made about Judge recently and vice versa. We will let you decide if Gunvalson is being a hypocrite or not.

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On June 20th, the day season 11 began, Gunvalson did an interview with E! News, where she made the following comments about Judge:

  • I am not going to be like Tamra [Judge] and go out and do detective work on someone that I am sleeping with and loving.”
  • “I wanted them to be compassionate for the man that I loved who they have been targeting. Tamra, especially, for years. So I wanted her to show some compassion with somebody being sick, whether he’s got a virus or whether he’s got cancer.”
  • Oh, the little girl, my spitfire, my stir-the-spot, stir-the-pot, that is her claim to fame. I am emotionless about it. I mean, you can be friends with Tamra in one minute, and in one hour she can turn on you… She can talk crap about me for years but if I say one thing, she blasts me. So I am OK with it. I am actually quite emotionless about it.”
  • “It hurt but I expected it from her. So when you are expecting it, it doesn’t hurt anymore. Because that is how she wants to be portrayed, as a lasher-outer or whatever people want to call it… She goes after me because I am the OG of the OC so you are going to see the season where we have really great moments and then all of a sudden, she will turn! It’s like, ‘Where did that come from?’ I thought we were good.  I laugh it off now because I think it’s funny, it doesn’t bother me, it’s like, ‘Oh, she is going to do that.'”
  • “My emotional tie is with Tamra because we have been through so much together, and I sincerely want the best for her, and I don’t know if she sincerely wants the best for me. And that is where I go like this, like, ‘Do you really want the best for me? Then don’t do x, y, z’…It’s an interesting relationship.”

While at this point Judge had said nothing about her, she did finally address her thoughts on Gunvalson this week when doing press on Jenny McCarthy‘s Podcast. She made the following comments:

  • I’ve given up on trying to keep away from Brooks. I now think they are soulmates. They’re a match made in heaven. I do believe — there’s a lot of years I wanted somebody in my life but you don’t want a d*****bag. But if somebody’s d*****y that’s like ‘ew.’ That’s a turn off. That’s not attractive to me.”
  • “You hang out with dogs you get fleas. Maybe she needs a flea collar.”
  • I took her back this year, accepted her apology — well her half-a** apology — forgave the past and tried to move on only to be burned again and she was behind my back with a machete this time. I’m burned. I said you know what? One more thing and I’m done.’”

Judge also appeared on Watch What Happens Live Monday, claiming she believes Gunvalson still talks to Brooks/will get back with him (read about that here).

While Gunvalson has tried to play the victim- even though she talked about Judge first, as evidenced above- Gunvalson has yet again gone to the press.

To Radar Online yesterday, she made the following comments about Judge:

  • I am disgusted by Tamra’s immature antics. I’m trying to ignore her, but it’s draining.”
  • She wants to be portrayed I guess as the ‘mean girl,’ and I hope Bravo and the media wise up to her and stops her in her tracks immediately.”
  • “There is no excuse as a supposed ‘Christian woman’ to act this way.”
  • “I have done nothing to her to cause this chaos with her and I don’t appreciate or will tolerate her foul language anymore.  It’s classless and makes her look like she is reaching for something to talk about which is always me! Maybe she wants deflection on her own issues.”

Gunvalson then spoke to All About The Tea– yet again about Judge- and made the following comments:

  • “I’m disgusted by what Tamra has been saying repeatedly over the last few days in her press interviews and it’s very clear that she can dish it out and not take it.”
  • “I’ve learned my lesson with Tamra. And now see that for the last 9 seasons our friendship has been a ‘friendship of convenience.’
  • “Keep stirring the pot Tamra, you’re only proving my point. With friends like you, who needs enemies.”

As of this morning, Gunvalson also posted the following on Twitter:

Tamra Judge Vicki Gunvalson

This is interesting, as Gunvalson is on camera in the preview saying that she loves Brooks and believes him (see that here), something Tamra has NEVER said about Simon, so there is a key difference.

While there have been some things said by both parties on Twitter, without taking any bias, it definitely seems clear from the above that Gunvalson is talking to the press quite a bit more about Judge than Judge is talking about Gunvalson. It also seems evident that Gunvalson getting angry at Judge for something she herself is doing seems hypocritical and it seems she can’t keep all of her stories straight.

Tell us- what do YOU make of the above? Sound off in the comments below.

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