Katie Rost RHOP Season 2

Katie Rost Leaves RHOP!

Shocking Departure!

One of the most surprising Real Housewives franchises to ever debut was The Real Housewives of Potomac, simply due to Potomac not being a “major” US city. We adored each of the women on the show, and were not surprised when we exclusively learned Bravo brought all of them back for the upcoming second season (read about that here). Something must have happened during taping, though, as Katie Rost shockingly took to social media to make a bold announcement that she will not be returning next season. What did she say?

Katie Rost RHOP Season 2 Leaves

Around 11 PM EST last night, Rost took to Twitter to write, “Sad to announce I will not be on this season:-(.”

Can’t make my life exciting enough,” she added. “.”

Here is a copy of the tweet:

Katie Rost RHOP Season 2


This is a bold move for many reasons, including that:

  • Bravo typically does not like/allow anyone involved in their shows to discuss casting before they do.
  • We are certain Rost definitely was taping for season 2 and even finally hosted her Casino Royale night, so something must have happened for this to occur.
  • We are guessing an official announcement may be coming today due to her #DelieveredTomorrow hashtag, but we’re still surprised she would leak it prior to Bravo saying anything.

Regardless of what happened- which we will keep you posted on if we hear more details- Rost’s tweet definitely surprised us.

Tell us- are you surprised to learn this? Sound off in the comments below.

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