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Why Katie Really Isn’t Returning To RHOP Exclusive

Exclusive Info!

This morning, we were shocked to learn that Real Housewives of Potomac star Katie Rost was not returning to the show (read about that here). While Rost claimed she “wasn’t interesting” enough for the show, alluding that’s what she was told, we have learned from multiple sources that is not the truth. Read on to find why we learned Rost is leaving.

Katie Rost RHOP Season 2 Why She Left Exclusive

According to the sources we spoke to, we learned the following:

  • Rost definitely is not returning for season 2
  • With that being said, Rost was offered a full time position to return and did begin filming the season, but did not film a ton.**CHECK OUT THE REAL HOUSECATS OF NYC VIDEO HERE**
  • However, when things were brought up that Rost did not want to talk about/address, she would shy away from talking about issues rather than dealing with them.
  • While no one knows the final “tipping point” that made her decide to not return, it seems to be a culmination of not wanting to deal with any issues that were brought up

We are sad to see Rost go, as we definitely thought she added an interesting component to the show.

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